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Thanks LBC... I was able to get them in khaki and navy   Also thanks for the code steven
If I wear a  32 in RRL slim , would I be a 32 in Rugby cords or should I size down? Got the purple cardigan a few weeks ago on sale and it's nice. definitely worth the price I paid.  Anyone have a bizrate or student code? Not sure what is up with the site, but I want to get a few things with the sale before they are gone.
    also...the guy you found on your singles site is not me
  What's your point about with the first two sections? I don't need your "tips."   I haven't counted the number of resellers in South Florida, so you got me there. I still think you are the_denim_vault, and so do a lot of others on this forum.
  I am not stalking you. You are posting on a public forum that I read. I am not timing your lunch breaks and calling your job with a fake accent to see if you are there.   I know there are more than three. I said the bigger three that have been established for a while with a lot of merchandise.
  Listen, there are three established, high quantity resellers in South Florida. The_denim_valut, hanansi and gotselvedge. You have thrown hanansi and gotselvdge under the bus numerous times, pointing out what they look like and when you have seen them. The_denim_vault is the only one you let slide, and that is because it is you.
  What makes me a troll and not you? Because I am new to the forum? I am not defending him for selling above MSRP. I think it is crazy also. I just don't understand why you ride his jock so hard.   A few months back, there was a deal on RRL hats on RL's website. You said on here that you bought the hats, and coincidently, the_denim_vault listed 24 of them pretty quickly afterwards. Ebay item #221045470989.   ETA: Both you and denim_vault utilize rythm fuk's photos.
    First time poster….Long time lurker   This is so wild. You post a lot about how petty the outlet managers are, yet you obsess over this other RL seller. While his prices are outlandishly high, what’s with the infatuation? First, you link an ebay discussion forum where you have called him out and admitted to reporting him. Now, you are mentioning a time that you badgered him about his prices being above MSRP. You sound just as petty and bored, if not more, than the...
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