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Do you mean the San Jose area?  If so, I've tried a couple of different tailors and settled on Eldo Tailoring (http://www.yelp.com/biz/eldo-tailoring-and-alterations-san-jose).
I actually dont have any TS chinos, but the fit of their original chore pants was very consistent with their denim.
I have a few pairs of the original chore pants.  They're quite wearable for a subset of casual: flannel shirts, boots, rain, and rock climbing.  I wouldn't wear them to the office aside from casual Friday.
Jenilee is amazingly helpful.  I logged in just to echo that, and I'm generally a lazy person.
How are you measuring the shoulder of the indigo wool blazer?  19.0" seems quite wide for a medium.
 I have the same problem, and had my tailor take the sweaters in at the waist, and I'm quite happy with the result.
I haven't received a shipping notification either for my MTO rivets.
Are you guys going to do another run of the Yosemite shirts?
I have most of my sweaters taken in at the waist.  I've used two different tailors for this, and neither of them even raised an eyebrow.  
Any plans to restock the heirloom cardigan?
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