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It appears they are going to make a movie based on The Girl on the Train.   The book was read to me on a recent road trip.  The book is crazy with an interesting plot and characters- liars, alcoholics, druggies.  The movie could be hard to make because the book is mostly narrated.   Any thoughts?   Cheers,
ABBA- Number Ones, a DVD   So corny in many ways, but a great play list...   And, of course, there's Agnetha's bum.   Cheers,
Chu,  By "mock", I meant mock turtleneck.  That's what I wear to the golf course on cold days. Cheers,
Mock?  I wear them on the course when it's really cold out. For "older people" thay cover up a lot. Cheers.
State of Grace- Oldman's character and his portrayal are one of my favorites all time. Midnight Cowboy- 5/5 in my book.  It was really different at the time. Cheers
Airplane ",,, and don't call me Shirley" Cheers,
NOBD,  Thanks
Here's the jacket I was referring to.  Sorry for the confusion.  I would like to find a source for a MTM version of this jacket.
I need a source for a MTM tan open weave linen/??? sport coat like Chullilo wore a few pages ago with that deep blue shirt.  That color combo and texture blew me away, but I can't find anything like it in my size- 36 short.  I looked for the picture, but could not find it.  It would be perfect for me during summer months when I actually have some color in my face.  The rest of the year I am a pale faced Irish shorty.   Help!
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