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A concert DVD...   The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert LIve from Royal Albert Hall   They ain't what they used to be, but Eagle Vision does a superb job with the audio and the video is good too.  The performance occurred in 1983 and I believe the DVD was done in the nineties.   We watched it in honor of Phil's recent passing.  It was cool to hear all their original songs.   Cheers,
AmericanGent, I went to school at Camp Darby and bicycled many miles on Via Pisorno.  Once my friends and I were riding past a walled enclosure and stopped off to see what it was.  It turned out to be a movie studio.  We sneaked in and to make a long story short, 4 of us got minor, non-speaking roles as extras in an episode of Captain Gallant of the French Foreign Legion, a TV series that starred Buster Crabbe, Jack Carter, et al.  They made me up to resemble an Arab kid....
Off topic...   I grew up  near Livorno, Italy as an Army brat from 1952 to 1956 (age 8 to almost 13).  I love Italy and its people.  Our house was literally across the street from the beach- paradise.   If I win the lottery, I'm going to live, or at least have a home in Florence, where I visited many time as it was only 50 or 60 miles away.  Pisa was only 20 miles away and I used to bicycle there quite often.   I have so many fond memories that spring up every time...
Philomena   Well acted and interesting...   Another one of those movies that will win awards because of the sympathetic subject matter or because of a sympathetic cast member.  It will not win based on its acting, script, or camera work.   So there...   I actually enjoyed it as a whole.
Roy Orbison's Black and White Night concert DVD   First class audio and a backup band/vocalists list that is truly amazing:   Springsteen Waits Costello Browne Lang Warner Raitt and on and on.   Cheers
Found jeans that fit me just right.   RL 018 Slim Straight 30 X 30 Dark Blue on sale at the RL outlet store for 1/2 price and I had a 20% coupon on top of that.   They are not very heavy, but seemed to be made for me other than having to shorten them.   Yea!
Horns, thanks...   Bleu de Chanel for me tonight...   Cheers,
Of course, I cannot tell the gender of the posters here, but I see references to women's fragrances.  Is it common for men to wear women's fragrances and/or vice versa?  Pardon my ignorance.   Cheers,
Anyone tried the sous vide cooking method?   What did you cook and the results please.   Curious...  Thanks...
Saw Saving Mr. Banks last night.  I rate it 3.5 out of 5.  I could not buy into the Emma Thompson portrayal of Mrs. Travers.  It was too stiff and seemed too forced, but what do I know.  Towards the end, when Disney visits Travers in London, Hanks delivers a monologue that is as good as acting gets, IMHO.   I recommend it, especially for a date.   Cheers,
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