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ELO Zoom- a concert DVD  Good audio and video quality...  Jeff surrounds himself with good musicians.  Best version of Chuck Berry's Roll Over Beethoven you will hear...........   Cheers,
SOTE: Gucci Guilty EDT  It's OK........   Cheers
Saw Brooklyn last Saturday night.  Enjoyed it...  Loved the music...   The star is a splitting image of a friend of mine from certain camera angles.  Very cute...   Cheers,
SOTE:  Polo Double Black for my black Friday scent............  I stole the black Friday reference from the earlier post.  It never even occurred to me.  DOH!   Cheers,
Me 2...  64" with short legs and arms... buying clothes that fit is tough on my budget... I love the vest... Cheers
Cleav, This and the Evie Sands post are awesome.  Thank you. Cheers
Another movie/history reference.  Billy the Kid...  He was not left handed as the famous picture showed him to be.  Turns out they had a similar problem that your picture had.  It was reversed. Cheers,
Re, Maybe not premium quality, but I have some J Crew chinos that are very heavy and seem to be indestructible.  I've had them for years in the khaki brown color and I can't seem to wear them out.  I wear them for winter golf too.  I love the fit as the legs have a narrow opening.  They keep a crease very well. Cheers,
"Brooks was here."  But it was a beam not a pipe.  Would have been the same result. Everything reminds me of some movie these days. Cheers,
Exactly right! Cheers,
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