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ABBA- Number Ones   It's a DVD compilation of really corny videos.  The costumes are ridiculous.   Cheers,
Cartier- Declaration D'un Soir   I like it a lot, but do not wear it often.   Cheers,
I have a wok you can have.  I have never used it.  It is still in the box.  It is a 14", carbon steel, flat bottomed, with lid. Edit:  It is non-stick............. I live in Northern VA.  Are you close by? Cheers
I've only spent that twice for a steak- once at The Inn at Little Washington and once at Prime 44 West in The Greenbrier resort.  The former was a very special occasion, the latter was other people's money.  Both were excellent steaks. Cheers,
Ursine?  I learn something every day.  Thanks... Cheers,
Montebuena Rioja   One of my favorites and for $8.97.   Cheers,
So, he uses value as part of his review?  Well, I would hope so.  Unless some just like to spend money for the thrill of it.  For instance, when I spend $75 for a steak, I feel it should be really good. Cheers,
Now that is nice- colors, fit, textures. Cheers
6'9"!!!  I never would have thought that. Always looks good........... Cheers,
Yes, it is very cold here in the DC area.  I played golf in shorts and short sleeves on Xmas day. I am wearing Davidoff Cool Water, as usual. Cheers,
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