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Corona...  First beer in a while...  I had just come from a round of golf in 80 deg weather.  The first couple of swallows were heavenly.   Cheers
Tisdale Cabernet 3 for $10 at Giant...  I rate it drinkable.  I've had much worse for much more...   Cheap cheers!
ELO Zoom concert DVD   Gotta love the two cellist babes and Lynne's version of Rollover Beethoven.   Cheers,
Any Evergreen CC in Haymarket, VA members on here?
Davidoff Cool Water at work today.  Bleu de Chanel tonight for a close encounter.   Cheers,
Me 2...
Chanel Bleu last night for dinner at the club...   Cheers,
Mudslide   Cheers,
Eric, Please describe this Spatlese and your experience with it. I'm always looking for a good Spatlese. Grazie
Petillant  That is close to what I described.  Thanks. I looked it up and I'm still laughing.  One of the definitions referred to "breaking wind". I'm at home today due to a light blizzard and needed a laugh. Cheers
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