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SOTD:  Davidoff Cool Water EDT for a round of golf........   Cheers   A special cheer to you vets...
How long do you "decant" before drinking? Cheers
Allure...  I have a sample.   Cheers,
Shining Through   Started to watch, but it's not very good.  However, it reminded me how sexy Melanie Griffith's voice is.  It turns me on.   Cheers,
 L..., Thanks for the descriptions.........
Anyone,   What do you think about this variation of a ???   4 to 1 Italian carbonated lemonade and Vodka?  I like fizz in my drinks.   Just an idea...   Cheers,
b1os and Amb... Chaser,   Thanks...  I will try the Hermes this weekend.   Cheers,
Scored a bag of samples today at Nordstrom after I purchased a Boss suit:   3- Hugo Boss BOSS 3- Hanae Mori HiM 4- Hanae Mori HM 3- Zegna UOMO 5- Tom Ford Noir 4- Gucci Guilty 3- Hermes Terre D'Hermes   As little as I wear, that should last a long time.  Are any of those particularly noteworthy?   Cheers,
Once again, a cheap Pinot Grigio (a gift) 50/50 with an Italian carbonated lemonade.  Thankfully, the Pinot is almost gone.   Cheers,
Yes...  :<)
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