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I played the White Course at The Greenbrier on Wednesday, the 8th.  The weather was perfect, but the course was very wet and played long.  I played the white tees (6,200 + yards) and shot 84.  I started bad, but played the last six holes one under. The highlight of my round was getting up and down from behind the 18th green with the pin on the lower level.  My chip shot from a sever downhill lie in the rough left me an 8 footer, which I drained.  It's typical of the golf...
Patton for the zillionth time.  It's in my top 10 along with The Godfather, One Flew..., Shawshank..., et al.  It's strange sometimes what you pick up in a re-watch that you never noticed before.   Anyone ever catch the background "man with goat" scene in Morocco?  I laughed out loud...   Cheers,
Gomme: home made or ??? Cheers,
I sat in an armed chair at work for years and all my shirts wore tears and/or holes on the left elbow area.  There were no tears/holes on the right elbow area. Cheers
John Denver Remembered, a DVD.....   Cheers,
Mucho thanks for the ideas.
Yeah, I'm careful with the sweetness.  I do not use a full 1, but maybe 3/4.  The real secret is the fresh lime squeeze, IMHO. The margarita is the only hard liquor drink I can tolerate.  Back in the day, I was a martini guy, but can no longer tolerate them. Enjoy the Ace. Cheers,
T, Trip Sec, Agave Syrup (tonight) or Simple Syrup, and Lime Juice..... How do you mix yours? Cheers,
That is awesome.  Neverr heard of them...  Thanks......
1/2 of a 4-3-3-1 Margerita.  First hard liquor drink in a few months...  Quite a kick for someone with low tolerance...   Cheers squared
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