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Oh yeah on the first pic...  High Plains Drifter    "Who are you!!!" Cheers
Great vid and so long ago.....  He does not look like that today.  His version of "Show Me" is in my top 10 or so..... Cheers
  [[SPOILER]]  Reference:    Room
Room   Watched it at home from Amazon.   Good movie...  It moves along is not too long and has some great suspense.  Jacob Tremblay plays the child and is very good.   If you have seen it-  Why does William Macy refuse to look at Jack?   Cheers,
Like that is totally awesome and sexy-----WOW! Thank you Cleav  We share similar tastes usually..........
OT sorta...   I badly want a Bob Seger concert video (DVD or ???), but have not been able to find one.   Any idea(s) where I might find one?   Thanks in advance and cheers........
Steve Jobs at home from Amazon.   Great script...  Fassbender and Winslet were remarkable.  My GF and I enjoyed it and she knew zip about the Jobs/Apple/Mac story.  60 Minutes just did a spot-on segment on the making of it.   Oscar worthy?  Yes, for the script at least.   Cheers
I love it :<) Cheers
I am not into wrinkles, so I may not appreciate your usual look though I like the clothes, colors and fit.  This one is more up my alley.  Very nice. Cheers,
Spotlight   Since it is basically a docudrama, it is predictable, but well cast and acted.  My GF and I enjoyed it, even though the subject matter makes your skin crawl.  It is a good example of reporting a news story so big that it is difficult to know when to go public instead of continuing to investigate to see just how big it may be.   Of course, it brought to mind Woodward and Bernstein.   Oscar worthy?  I don't like it that some movies may be nominated based on...
New Posts  All Forums: