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Moody Blues- Lovely to See You Again   A concert DVD that is one of my favorites,  They do all their hits.   Cheers
Wow!  Great gifts collection...  Congratulations on 50.....   Cheers,
Night of the Living Dead, 1968.....   :<)   Cheers,
Wow!  NIce clothes and the fit is spot on.  Those pants!
Celine- Taking Chances World Tour- The Concert DVD (Boston)   Video and audio are first class.  It's a different Celine, for sure.  She does a few new songs and the favorites.  This is a big production- dancers, backup singers, large orchestra, moving walkways, elevators, etc.   I liked it. __________________________________________________   Bob Dylan- The 30th Anniversary Celebration- a concert DVD.  Many different artists doing his songs...  I only watched disc 1...
Oh yeah!
 1964!   My first car and other fond memories....  Thanks
Birdman   So who among you lives in a world dominated by F bombs and other vulgarisms?  None, I'm sure.  So what is the point?   I was sorely disappointed given the Academy Award hype and all.  Watching was a forgettable experience.   Cheers,
This is sad as I have quite a few samples.   HMMMMM.....  I'll see what response I get tonight. Cheers,
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