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 DC meet up?  May I invite myself? Cheers
 Yeah.  I've tried to watch Breakfast At Tiffany's several times because of the rave reviews.  It is boring and a waste. Cheers
Just opened 2009 Chateau Cantelys- Pessac Leognan.  I think it is a Bordeaux.  I bought it just to compare to my search for a daily drinker.  It is much better than any of the < $10 wines I have been trying.  It also has a strong kick.   It was about $35 at Total with a very high rating (WS 93?).   Any experience out there?   Cheers,
Trader Horn, 1931.  Claims to be the first non-documentary shot in Africa.  At least two died making the film.  Very interesting Wiki page.   Cheers,
Thank you. OMG, I have been in love with Jill St. John since the the 70's.  Love those pic's...  Do they still make girls like that?
A 50/50 wine cooler made from a carbonated Italian lemonade and a cheap boxed Pinot Grigio I won at a party.  I do not like Pinot Grigio, so i kill the taste with the lemonade.  It's better than pouring it down the drain, I guess.   Cheers,
Saw Evita at the Kennedy Center last night.  Great music and dancing.  Enjoyed it, except my GF and I sat in the first row of Tier 1.  We had to stretch up or sit on the front of our seats to see over the railing.  I'm only 5'4" and she's shorter than that.  Oh well.  We had the same problem about ten years ago, but I had forgotten about it.   Cheers,
Nothing right now...  Dr L Riesling 2013 a little later...   Cheers and Happy Friday,
SOTE:  Acqua di Gio body spray.....  I hope she likes it as much as I do.   Cjheers,
Beautiful sweater...  Please identify...   Thanks
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