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I'm putting down my macbook and going into the kitchen to make me a Margarita.   Happy Cinco de Mayo, y'all...   Cheers,
I see references to TF.  Assuming that is an acronym for Tom Ford, could someone please recommend a TF EDT similar to Chanel Bleu?   Cheers,
Kid..., Thanks, I'll give them a look. Cheers
Tommy's margarita  I can't remember where I heard about it.   A simple recipe...  It's different, but I liked it   2 parts Tequila 1 part fresh lime juice 1/2 part Blue agave sweetener Shake with ice, strain and serve   I don't salt the rim, but.......   Cheers
I was desperate to go to the movies.  Saw Draft Day...  It was bad.  I thought the football stuff was somewhat entertaining, but the relationship stuff between Costner and Garner was terrible.  Bad, bad, bad.............   Don't waste your money.   Cheers,
Cary, Got any ideas for a better Cab under $10?  I find the Tisdale "drinkable" and not too high in alcohol content. Cheers,
Tisdale Cabernet (3 for $10) while watching Godfather II and eating a plate of spaghetti.   Salute
Tisdale Cabernet 3 for $10 at Giant Foods a few weeks ago.   Cheers,
Corona...  First beer in a while...  I had just come from a round of golf in 80 deg weather.  The first couple of swallows were heavenly.   Cheers
Tisdale Cabernet 3 for $10 at Giant...  I rate it drinkable.  I've had much worse for much more...   Cheap cheers!
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