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Montebuena Rioja   One of my favorites and for $8.97.   Cheers,
So, he uses value as part of his review?  Well, I would hope so.  Unless some just like to spend money for the thrill of it.  For instance, when I spend $75 for a steak, I feel it should be really good. Cheers,
Now that is nice- colors, fit, textures. Cheers
6'9"!!!  I never would have thought that. Always looks good........... Cheers,
Yes, it is very cold here in the DC area.  I played golf in shorts and short sleeves on Xmas day. I am wearing Davidoff Cool Water, as usual. Cheers,
Concussion   Predictable.  The actor who played Mike Webster was very good.  Alec Baldwin does well.   Enjoyable movie.  There were 5 other people in the audience.   Cheers,
I am always immersed in movies and Das Boot exhausted me.  No frills in that one.   Cheers,
I think Ritter was good in Slingblade.   Cheers,
Quran...,   Now that is a great recommendation list!   Cheers or is it Saluti.......
Oh yeah!  I cannot turn it off every time's on. Cheers,
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