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The 70's- OMG those clothes, YUK!  Some great music though... Cheers,
SOTE:  Chanel Bleu  This is my favorite special occasion fragrance.   I am retired and the days of the week don't mean what they used to, but I still feel there is something special about Friday evening.    Cheers, 
Chris, Cary, jcusey,   Thanks for the suggestions.  I will search for all of them and provide feedback.   Cheers,
Help!   Is Moscato different from Moscato D'Asti?   I am looking for a low-alcohol slightly bubbly wine.   Any thoughts?  Maybe suggest a label?  Sweetness OK...   Cheers,
Was that the picture where she was in a fishnet body suit?  I remember it well! Cheers
Montebuena Rioja Cuvee KPF- $9.99 and very nice for the price.  It was my daily drinker for a while.  I do not remember the year.   Cheers,
AHH yes, basic training...  I'm 71 and still feel a twinge when I put my hands in my pockets.  I don't do it except under very casual dress and circumstances.  "Drop and give me 20!". Thanks for the memory. Cheers,
SOTE:   Cartier- Declaration D'un Soir   I think it was recommended by L.... as an inexpensive rose fragrance.  I bought a big bottle.  I like it very much and it has a little staying power.   Cheers,
Davidoff Cool Water, my go to, every day with nothing special going on choice.   Cheers,
L, You have been especially humorous lately. Cheers,
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