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That's a really good call. Cheers
Thank you
Clear,  Way cool!  And what do we have today?  Where has all the music gone................?
We could ask Charles Loughton, but he's gone.  I read on Wiki that he was into the former. :-( Cheers
RL custom fit polos...  I love them and have a closet full, but mine are mostly stripes and I wear them every day at the golf club. Cheers
Amadeus   After 30 years I believe it holds up fairly well.  Other than FM Abraham and Jeffrey Jones, I felt the acting was just so-so.   Have your finger on the volume button as the music when playing Mozart is big, but beautiful.   Cheers,
OMG    chicken fried steak!!!  I eat that once a year and it is like a celebration- white gravy of course. Cheers,
Nice???  That's too funny.  Actually it's my den/library---NOT!!! A little over the top for me, but it is beautiful. Cheers
Rod Stewart- One Night Only from Royal Albert Hall in 1990- a concert DVD   If you like him, you will love this concert- a good mix of his hits and the Great American Song Book..   Now for a sorta funny......   Amy Belle was a guest singer.  After we watched the DVD my GF was looking up Amy Belle on my laptop.  She asked me what song she had sung and I said "I don't want to talk about it".  She said "fine" and put the laptop down.  I said again "I don't want to talk...
Why does the forum open in pages I visited days ago?  Sometimes it opens in page 1 which was posted months ago.   ???   Thanks
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