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Thank you... Oh my!  What memories this brings back.  Gett'n drunk at OP 2 and all the guys screaming the chorus to this song right before we deployed to RVN  Those were crazy times. Cheers
FWIW, since we are discussing gloves........  And the ones in the pic are very nice. I have small hands and am very hard to fit and I hate bulky gloves.  Today I stopped by a local saddlery and picked up a very nice pair of leather gloves for about $44.  I figured they would have nice non-bulky winter gloves and they had quite a selection.  If you are near a saddlery, you might check it out... Cheers,
Swiss Miss with Kahlua.  Yummy   Cheers
 Thanks, I'm a 36S, so unless the shoulders are narrow in the 38 and the cut is short, I will keep looking.  I have been looking for a brighter blue SC for some time. Cheers,
 Hah!  I was trying to think in cm's, but that didn't make sense either. Thank you....... Cheers,
Mur...,    The smallest size is 48R?????? Thanks,
Details on the Jacket please......  Very nice overall look.........  Cheers
My GF called and told me Joe Cocker had passed on.   RIP   He was one of my favorites.  His Woodstock version of "...Help from my friends" is truly a classic.   So glad I have most of my favorites on CD and concert DVD's.   Cheers,
I was watching a movie when all of a sudden I saw your avatar......  I often wondered what it was..... Cheers
Be careful if you decide to shorten.  If the tailor's sewing is to tight, the front will pucker out and you will regret it.  I know from experience. Cheers,
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