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I like that jacket, but at my age I would look like another RVN vet wearing something from the past.
So, yesterday my GF was having a persistent problem with her HP printer.  I called the HP help desk and sure enough the woman was in India.  She had no clue how to solve my problem.  On top of that they automatically end the calls after a few minutes.  That resulted in her calling me back three times.  Then I asked if I could speak to Judy Dench.  She advised she did not know Judy Dench (I could not remember her character's name).  I thought my GF was going to bust a gut....
Harold..., You are right, but I did get a few laughs out of it. Thanks
Plan to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel tonight.   GF wanted to go see the sequel, so I thought we might see the first one before.....   Is it worthwhile or ????   Cheers,
Watched most of Inside Llewyn Davis...   I was drinking and had some good laughs.  Otherwise I'm glad I did not waste theater money or time.   Cheers,
Cool song... Why does it sound so familiar when I don't think I've heard it before nor do I know of The Precisions? Oh well, Cheers
Bushnell laser type   I have always preferred the direct measurement type as apposed to GPS systems.   The smaller one if you have steady hands.  The larger one if you do not have steady hands (me).  I believe the slope function is not legal for USGA handicap purposes.   Hope that helps...   Cheers,
 I'll be house bound tomorrow afternoon and will give it a try.  I've heard the music is worth a listen. I looked up a list of Cohen movies and I liked some of them- Fargo, Oh Brother..., and others. Thanks,
What is the verdict on Inside Llewyn Davis?   I missed it in theater, but it is on tonight.   Cheers,
 lasbar, There is a distraction on the DVD.  A rather large and not very pretty woman has the very best front seat in the house.  It appears the cameramen try to avoid her and her antics, but they can't.  It's funny! Cheers,
New Posts  All Forums: