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Work!  Good luck with new job.  Cheers
Master..., Do you ingest the ginger solids or just the liquid?  It sounds like a great cold or flu symptom fighter. Cheers,
Deep Impact- something about an object going to hit the earth, but Robert Duvall saves the day almost.   What a POS...  Tea Leoni has to be the worst actress ever to get as many parts as she does.   At least 4:44 had some decent acting.   Cheers,
Yes, unless you are Brando or Dean. Cheers
And the location- magnificent. Cheers,
Cleav,  Way cool!  My GF and I cut a mean rug when the beat gets hot like this.  We are not as good as the blonde in the vid, but we usually get a lot of attention and sometimes clear the floor.  We are 70+....... and are often referred to as the cute couple as we are both under 5'4" now.  I used to be a little taller, but no more. Cheers,
That's a really good call. Cheers
Thank you
Clear,  Way cool!  And what do we have today?  Where has all the music gone................?
We could ask Charles Loughton, but he's gone.  I read on Wiki that he was into the former. :-( Cheers
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