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I just got a sample of that one.  What should I expect? Thanks,
I ordered 3 samples from Surrender to Chance.  Thanks!
At Beth Page Black, do they really assign you a set of tees based on your ability? Cheers,
L' The Rive di'Ambre also interested me the first time I saw Tom Ford at Nordstrom.  It may broaden my horizons, if I can scrape up the $210. Thanks, Larry
I am looking for suggestions.   Since I like Chanel Bleu and Acqua di Gio, which Tom Ford fragrance might I like as well?   My daily wear is Davidoff Cool Water EDT.   Any ideas?   Thank you...
Rod Stewart- It Had to be You- The great american song book- a concert DVD   Cheers,
Charles Shaw Cabernet- $3.29 this weekend.  Like the Tisdale I buy, it's OK and I've had much worse for more $$$.   Happy Memorial Day, y'all.
Any opinions on the Mira brand wines?  It' being served in a few restaurants around here.   Thanks,
Acqua di Gio
Your trip sounds fantastic.  Enjoy!   Cheers,
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