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Acqua di Gio- Body Spray      So fresh smelling....   Cheers,
Sounds delicious...  On the rocks or ???  Salt or ??? Cheers
What is "sock"?   Old guy....   Cheers
AC,  Thanks  I will report back..... Cheers
A little OT...   I would like recommendations for a low alcohol cocktail.   My tastes lean toward citrus or tangy with slight sweetness and served over ice.   As an example of my drinking habits, I prefer Riesling Spatlese for its low alcohol.   Cheers
The Bourne Identity   "How could I forget you?  You're the only person I know".   I see the new one is coming soon.  I am anticipating being disappointed.  I hope not.   Cheers,
Wrong movie?  Were you thinking of The Edge? Cheers,
Who makes custom cargo pants?  I am short and the cargo pocket is always way too low..   Cheers
The Bear:  Filmed in the Dolomites, but set in British Columbia about the hunt for a grizzly bear.   I liked it years ago and still do.   A trained 7 foot Kodiak?  Yikes!   Cheers
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