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AC, I like your description- LOL.  I also like your quote.  By surrounding yourself as you describe, you are free to try things confident that if you stray too far, you will be challenged.  It works. Cheers,
Sorry if I missed it, but which winemaker did you visit? Cheers
I found a Chateau Bois Redon 2012 Bordeaux that I really liked, but it was beat out by a Montebuena Rioja as my daily drinker.  Both are $10.99 at Total Wine. Cheers
 Way cool!  A $10 Bordeaux that you like.  Congratulations.  Cheers...
AC, I'm old and have really dry skin.  Is your mention of Aveeno a recommendation?  I need something for my calves, shins, etc. Thanks,
+1  :<)
Unbroken   Just finished the book.  His and the others survival is unbelievable.  Does the movie do justice to his experience?   I'm reluctant to see it.   Cheers,
 Arrogance on a SF thread?  LOL! Cheers, 
Your 5 minutes were up a while ago.  Perhaps you are up in the air a bit. Cheers,
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