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il Cortigiano Proseco Extra Dry (11% Alcohol) later this evening when my GF and I will celebrate our Christmas gift exchange.   I was introduced to this Proseco at a Christmas party last Saturday and enjoyed it enough to buy a bottle at Total Wine and Beverage ($11.99).   Anyone else ever tried it?   Cheers and Happy New Year!
Get Ready: Definitive Performances 1965-1972 [DVD] - The Temptations by Universal Music (2006)...   It's fun to watch this oldie, especially seeing where the Detroit sound has come in almost 50 years.   Cheers,
 I went back to Giant and got 3 more bottles. I had another glass tonight with some left over spaghetti and meatballs. Cheers,
Nebraska...   Bruce Dern is good, everybody else sucks.  This movie is way too predictable and corny.   It bugs me that movies get good reviews and awards just because they touch on sympathetic issues or characters.   I hope you all had a great T'day.
Tisdale Cabernet Sauvignon   3 for $10.00 with a Giant card...   Not great, but drinkable and only 12% alcohol...   Decent low alcohol reds are hard to find.  Any recommendations?   My GF and I have a low tolerance for alcohol, so we enjoy a low alcohol red that allows us to have more than one glass.    Cheers
Oreo, I found a foot and ankle clinic close to home and will visit next week to check out insoles or ??? Thanks for the input.
L, Just picked up Bleu de Chanel at Nordstrom. Thanks,
Oreo, I have a question for the cobbler. I am a male, 5'4" and weigh about 138 lbs.  I destroy shoes quickly because I supinate and they always roll to the outside and soon look worn out.  This especially true of my golf shoes and loafers.  For golf I wear FJ Dry Joys, which are fairly sturdy shoes, but they do not last long due to the problem I described.  Since I wear a 7M and tend to have a high foot (?), I do not have room for an orthotic with any thickness.  Somehow I...
L, Some time ago you recommended Armani's Acqua Di Gio for me.  My GF bought me the body spray for my birthday. I love it for evening wear.  Got any similar recommendations? Thank you
MM, Thanks.  I'll sample those. :<)
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