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I had to share this.   Last Friday my GF and I both had hectic days, so we ordered pizza to be delivered (we usually make our own).  Since I am getting old and forgetful, I wrote down what I wanted on the pizza.  The first item was mozzarella cheese.  I called and started down my list with mozzarella cheese.  The young man replied "we don't have that".  I said "yes you do".  He put the phone down and I heard him ask loudly "do we have mozzarella".  Someone yelled to him...
Saw this many years ago and liked it.  I've been wondering where Viggo has been.  I will look up the others.Thanks,
Very nice indeed and youthful, if you don't mind me saying so.  You also have very nice furniture.
Dark..., Spot on... I dress about 40% as well as the posters here and get compliments all the time and I am usually over-dressed compared to most others. Cheers,
I tried a little different mix: 2 rum3 pineapple juice2 OJ1 Coconut cream shaken with ice to mix and strain I really liked it and had another tonight. Thanks,
Thanks... I may try that myself later. Cheers,
No sarcasm intended...... Cheers,
Tomorrow night I will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo and since my GF does not like Margeritas, she has asked me to make her a Pina Colada (non frozen).   I have rum, coconut cream, heavy cream, pineapple juice and a pineapple.  She rarely drinks hard liquor.   What I need is an idea or two fro a good mix.   Please help if you have any ideas.   Cheers,
Jeans with a crease.....cool..really.....   My nephew is a ex PBR champion and wears his starched and creased.   Cheers,
Last night at the Kennedy Center- Beethoven's 5th symphony performed by the NSO.   Wonderful!   Cheers,
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