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Rolling Stones at Hyde Park, a concert DVD.  They play all the big ones to a huge enthusiastic crowd.   Cheers,
The Judge   Worth the money...  It grows on you...  Typical Duvall- he makes a great angry old man.   Cheers,
Monchhof Riesling 2013.  Tried this at The Greenbrier last week and liked it.  I found a source and bought 6 bottles.  It's OK, but not my favorite.  Once these six are gone I will go back to my usual- Adolph Mueller Spatlese.     Cheers,
Hunt..., Based on your comments, I just purchased 6 bottles of Casas Del Bosque 2012 cabernet.  It took me a while to find it.  I will report back after I finish a bottle of Bordeaux I just opened.  I paid $17, but it was a special order from a small local wine shop.  It could be my next daily drinker. Cheers
 That was my point.  I was just testing my taste buds after so much inexpensive stuff. I need a source for the Casa de Bosque cab someone recommended a few days ago. Cheers,
 DC meet up?  May I invite myself? Cheers
 Yeah.  I've tried to watch Breakfast At Tiffany's several times because of the rave reviews.  It is boring and a waste. Cheers
Just opened 2009 Chateau Cantelys- Pessac Leognan.  I think it is a Bordeaux.  I bought it just to compare to my search for a daily drinker.  It is much better than any of the < $10 wines I have been trying.  It also has a strong kick.   It was about $35 at Total with a very high rating (WS 93?).   Any experience out there?   Cheers,
Trader Horn, 1931.  Claims to be the first non-documentary shot in Africa.  At least two died making the film.  Very interesting Wiki page.   Cheers,
Thank you. OMG, I have been in love with Jill St. John since the the 70's.  Love those pic's...  Do they still make girls like that?
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