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GP in westerns has never worked for me.  I don't know why. Cheers,
Congrats papa!  I hope all is well with all 3 and you too. Cheers,
OC, Yes, very good.  That is why he was so good in the Bourne movies.  Everything was so nonchalant.  Now that I think of it he was the same in Good Will Hunting.  It's not a criticism, just his style, I guess. Cheers
Saw The Martian...   It's OK  It left no lasting impression.   Cheers,
Kid..., Pina Colada recipe and directions please.  My GF loves them, but I have had no luck mixing... Thanks,
Details on the pants please....  The fit of everything is really nice. Cheers,
 I have not seen this, but Meg Ryan's voice is so sexy!
Saw The Intern on Saturday.   Very light fare...  Some good laughs...  The audience behaved.  We enjoyed it.   Got home in time to see part of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.  Those therapy scenes are masterpieces of casting and dialogue.  It's one of my top 10 or so.....   Cheers,
Nice cargo's!  I wonder where I might find cargo's for a very short legged person.  I want the cargo pocket above my knees. :<) Cheers
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