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Safe   How many people were killed?  Lots...   Meh!   Cheers,
Casas de Bosque cabernet...   I have two bottles left and will not be replacing them.  That means I'm still looking for a daily red to get into. <$15   Cheers
Fats and Friends (remastered from 1986), a jam session DVD with Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, et al.   Pretty cool....   Cheers,
Thanks... Cheers
Too cool!  When was that recorded? Cheers
Girl Gone...   Disappointed.   It's OK, but it's more like a made for TV movie.   Nobody could be as stupid as Affleck's character.  Almost 3 stooges stupid...   Dark comedy?   Oh well...........
 Yeah...  Me too, however a few hundred of either seems like a lot to me. Cheers
Klaatu barada nikto...  I love the original, but am watching the remake........   Cheers,
Young..., Jubu, and Pepper...,   Thanks for the input.  I will check them all out.   Cheers,
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