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Me too...........  Love it every time...... Cheers,
I was drafted in '65 and heard this a lot in RVN and stateside.  Memories.......
BOSS EDT from old sample...   Cinco de Mayo celebration tonight...   Cheers
Work!  Good luck with new job.  Cheers
Master..., Do you ingest the ginger solids or just the liquid?  It sounds like a great cold or flu symptom fighter. Cheers,
Deep Impact- something about an object going to hit the earth, but Robert Duvall saves the day almost.   What a POS...  Tea Leoni has to be the worst actress ever to get as many parts as she does.   At least 4:44 had some decent acting.   Cheers,
Yes, unless you are Brando or Dean. Cheers
And the location- magnificent. Cheers,
Cleav,  Way cool!  My GF and I cut a mean rug when the beat gets hot like this.  We are not as good as the blonde in the vid, but we usually get a lot of attention and sometimes clear the floor.  We are 70+....... and are often referred to as the cute couple as we are both under 5'4" now.  I used to be a little taller, but no more. Cheers,
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