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Caught the last few minutes of Taxi Driver.  DeNiro is scary good in this one.   Cheers
Lawyer..., Thnaks
You are brave...  :<)  I love wearing pink stripes myself and almost always get comments at my golf club. Cheers,
This has shown up lately......What's with the middle button thing going on?  Is that just for posing for pics or ???  I don't know, but it looks strange to me.   Cheers
Acqua di Gio- Body Spray      So fresh smelling....   Cheers,
Sounds delicious...  On the rocks or ???  Salt or ??? Cheers
What is "sock"?   Old guy....   Cheers
AC,  Thanks  I will report back..... Cheers
A little OT...   I would like recommendations for a low alcohol cocktail.   My tastes lean toward citrus or tangy with slight sweetness and served over ice.   As an example of my drinking habits, I prefer Riesling Spatlese for its low alcohol.   Cheers
New Posts  All Forums: