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Cougar? :<) Cheers,
Night of Living Dead from 1968.  It's on right now.   It exposes the risks of nuclear bomb testing.   Cheers,
Piobaire,   Thanks  I will pick some up next rip to store.   Cheers,
P..., Please describe taste, sweetness, fruit, etc.???  I've never tasted Beaujolais Blanc. Merci,
The Longest Day for an endless cast of the famous......  It is very long.  I know.  I saw it at a drive-in on a blind date. Cheers,
+1  My go to daily wear.........
SOTE Bleu de Chanel   Cheers
I had to share this.   Last Friday my GF and I both had hectic days, so we ordered pizza to be delivered (we usually make our own).  Since I am getting old and forgetful, I wrote down what I wanted on the pizza.  The first item was mozzarella cheese.  I called and started down my list with mozzarella cheese.  The young man replied "we don't have that".  I said "yes you do".  He put the phone down and I heard him ask loudly "do we have mozzarella".  Someone yelled to him...
Saw this many years ago and liked it.  I've been wondering where Viggo has been.  I will look up the others.Thanks,
Very nice indeed and youthful, if you don't mind me saying so.  You also have very nice furniture.
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