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cleav,  Classic   cool cars too...  my first car was a '64 Fairlane HP289 4 speed Canary Yellow with about $3,000 in engine and header work right at 12 sec 1/4 mile  How I never got a ticket is  amazing......  Yes the engine work cost more than the car... Cheers
OT   I am in need of moisturizing soap or body wash.  It's OK if it smells refreshing.   Suggestions please.
That's a good one. Cheers
I played PONG a few times.  Did they ever make a movie out of it?   Cheers,
Boss- Hugo Boss tonight for a dinner date at my place.   Cheers
Tried it with a cheap Prosecco, but did not like the bitterness after taste.  Aperol looks so delicious and refreshing, so I'm going to try it with a sweeter Muscato or Asti and see what happens. Thanks,
Oh yeah...  I've seen it many times.  Surprising how it holds up over time.  The low tech touch adds to the drama. Cheers,
Beautiful color combo on Jacket...  Ditto on the fit- comfy but nice.   Cheers,
Caught the last few minutes of Taxi Driver.  DeNiro is scary good in this one.   Cheers
Lawyer..., Thnaks
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