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AC, I'm old and have really dry skin.  Is your mention of Aveeno a recommendation?  I need something for my calves, shins, etc. Thanks,
+1  :<)
Unbroken   Just finished the book.  His and the others survival is unbelievable.  Does the movie do justice to his experience?   I'm reluctant to see it.   Cheers,
 Arrogance on a SF thread?  LOL! Cheers, 
Your 5 minutes were up a while ago.  Perhaps you are up in the air a bit. Cheers,
Moody Blues- Lovely to See You Again   A concert DVD that is one of my favorites,  They do all their hits.   Cheers
Wow!  Great gifts collection...  Congratulations on 50.....   Cheers,
Night of the Living Dead, 1968.....   :<)   Cheers,
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