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Brings back memories of my Z06 track days...  I still get the urge, but I started throwing up every time I ran. Thanks,
The Great Escape, Bullitt, and Papillion on TCM.  Bullitt is a classic, but I love Papillion.  McQueen and Hoffman make such good sufferers in totally different ways.  I did not watch all three sequentially. :<)   Cheers,
Love that jacket- nice!  Cuccinell?  If so, they don't make my size.  :<( Cheers
The Chinatown reference reminded me of my favorite Dunaway movie- Barfly.  I have not seen it for years, but hope it is available somewhere as I intend to watch it.  The scenes in Rourke's living room are classically gross.   Cheers,
McQueen's best role may have been Thomas Crown.  If nothing else, it was perfect casting. Cheers,
Gotta get me a camera like that.  I'm 5'4" and on your camera I would look 5'11".  Way cool... :<)
Wow!  When someone covers a classic like this, you instinctively listen for every familiar note waiting for a flaw.  I thought I heard one weak note early on (maybe not), but after that it was flawless and touching to listen to.  Thanks
Revenant   It seemed too long.  I think the survival/betrayal part of the movie was well done.  They could have done more development of the American/French/indian and trapper/soldier/indian underlying plots and history.  That would have added context.   Oscar worthy?  I expect more...   Cheers,
Last week I listened to The Kingston Trio- the reunion concert DVD.  There was a time when.............., but that music has not aged well.  Times have really changed.   Cheers,
Now that is a great song and so well done.  Have not heard it for a long time.  Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: