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Girl Gone...   Disappointed.   It's OK, but it's more like a made for TV movie.   Nobody could be as stupid as Affleck's character.  Almost 3 stooges stupid...   Dark comedy?   Oh well...........
 Yeah...  Me too, however a few hundred of either seems like a lot to me. Cheers
Klaatu barada nikto...  I love the original, but am watching the remake........   Cheers,
Young..., Jubu, and Pepper...,   Thanks for the input.  I will check them all out.   Cheers,
 Nordies will probably give you some.  I wear them in most of my shoes, especially loafers.  Be careful putting them in.  The adhesive is very strong and you may only get one chance Cheers
Please recommend an AE style/model in darker tan/brown, maybe something with a shaded tan to darker brown toe.  A style with more the Euro or Italian look? Toward the more formal than casual.   Just searching......   Thanks and cheers......
Machete   How else could Danny Trejo star in a movie........
Later this evening- Stravinsky's Rite of Spring at The Kennedy Center performed by the NSO.   This concert and the associated ballet caused a near-riot when first performed in Paris in 1913.  I'm pretty sure tonight's audience will be better behaved.   Cheers,
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