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Bushnell laser type   I have always preferred the direct measurement type as apposed to GPS systems.   The smaller one if you have steady hands.  The larger one if you do not have steady hands (me).  I believe the slope function is not legal for USGA handicap purposes.   Hope that helps...   Cheers,
 I'll be house bound tomorrow afternoon and will give it a try.  I've heard the music is worth a listen. I looked up a list of Cohen movies and I liked some of them- Fargo, Oh Brother..., and others. Thanks,
What is the verdict on Inside Llewyn Davis?   I missed it in theater, but it is on tonight.   Cheers,
 lasbar, There is a distraction on the DVD.  A rather large and not very pretty woman has the very best front seat in the house.  It appears the cameramen try to avoid her and her antics, but they can't.  It's funny! Cheers,
John Fogerty- The Concert at Royal Albert Hall (DVD)   Very lively, to say the least...   Cheers,
Indesertum, That makes sense.  Thanks, Cheers
Pio..., I've never had one made like that, but it sounds very good.  The dilution from all the stirring he did would really take the sting out of it and IMHO make it very enjoyable. Thanks and cheers,
ter1413 and tang66, You nailed it.  A waste of time and money. Cheers
Great tune! A friend and I turned 21 in 1965 and were thrown out of 2 bars for screaming this tune. Cheers,
CoxsackieThank you. I've been looking for a decent 40mm easy to read watch.  These certainly fit the bill. Cheers
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