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Is Danny Collins worth watching for a date night?   Cheers,
Last night at The Kennedy Center by the NSO conducted by Krzzysztof Urbanski:   An unbelievable performance of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 3 performed by Daniil Trifonov,  It must be one of the most difficult piano pieces to play.  His fingers were flying for almost an hour.  It was very dramatic.  He received 4 standing ovations, which is rare.   Also on the stagebill was Shostakovich's Symphony No. 10.  It had beautiful work from the wind section and a great...
Yes, many times and it is a great course that tends to fit my game.  I still get up there for tournaments. Cheers, 
The golf decline is very strange as local clubs with prestige or in wealthy neighborhoods are doing great with waiting lists a mile long and very high initiation fees.  Also, some expensive subdivision type courses are opening up in FL and AZ and are selling homes at a good pace. In contrast, some very nice local private clubs are virtually giving away memberships just to get the monthly dues and food spending revenue.  I joined Evergreen CC in Haymarket, VA two years ago...
I like that jacket, but at my age I would look like another RVN vet wearing something from the past.
So, yesterday my GF was having a persistent problem with her HP printer.  I called the HP help desk and sure enough the woman was in India.  She had no clue how to solve my problem.  On top of that they automatically end the calls after a few minutes.  That resulted in her calling me back three times.  Then I asked if I could speak to Judy Dench.  She advised she did not know Judy Dench (I could not remember her character's name).  I thought my GF was going to bust a gut....
Harold..., You are right, but I did get a few laughs out of it. Thanks
Plan to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel tonight.   GF wanted to go see the sequel, so I thought we might see the first one before.....   Is it worthwhile or ????   Cheers,
Watched most of Inside Llewyn Davis...   I was drinking and had some good laughs.  Otherwise I'm glad I did not waste theater money or time.   Cheers,
Cool song... Why does it sound so familiar when I don't think I've heard it before nor do I know of The Precisions? Oh well, Cheers
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