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Jason Bourne,   Chase scenes were beyond silly. There was way too much closeup camera work for the amount of action being filmed.  As someone stated before, did they turn off camera stabilization?  I felt nausea at times.  I knew ahead of time that they would insert too many special effects with the chase and crash scenes and I was correct.  It's too bad too, since they had a decent cast and plot to work with.  The exception to the good cast was Julia Stiles, she simply...
What's good in theaters?   Have not been for a while...   Cheers
Ringo and his all stars at the Warner Theater in DC   Richard Page has a great voice.  Fun was had by all.   Cheers
TF Noir   The last of my little squirter......   Cheers to all dads
DeSense, Thanks, I will check it out. Cheers,
cleav,  Classic   cool cars too...  my first car was a '64 Fairlane HP289 4 speed Canary Yellow with about $3,000 in engine and header work right at 12 sec 1/4 mile  How I never got a ticket is  amazing......  Yes the engine work cost more than the car... Cheers
OT   I am in need of moisturizing soap or body wash.  It's OK if it smells refreshing.   Suggestions please.
That's a good one. Cheers
New Posts  All Forums: