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Kid..., Thanks, I'll give them a look. Cheers
Tommy's margarita  I can't remember where I heard about it.   A simple recipe...  It's different, but I liked it   2 parts Tequila 1 part fresh lime juice 1/2 part Blue agave sweetener Shake with ice, strain and serve   I don't salt the rim, but.......   Cheers
I was desperate to go to the movies.  Saw Draft Day...  It was bad.  I thought the football stuff was somewhat entertaining, but the relationship stuff between Costner and Garner was terrible.  Bad, bad, bad.............   Don't waste your money.   Cheers,
Cary, Got any ideas for a better Cab under $10?  I find the Tisdale "drinkable" and not too high in alcohol content. Cheers,
Tisdale Cabernet (3 for $10) while watching Godfather II and eating a plate of spaghetti.   Salute
Tisdale Cabernet 3 for $10 at Giant Foods a few weeks ago.   Cheers,
Corona...  First beer in a while...  I had just come from a round of golf in 80 deg weather.  The first couple of swallows were heavenly.   Cheers
Tisdale Cabernet 3 for $10 at Giant...  I rate it drinkable.  I've had much worse for much more...   Cheap cheers!
ELO Zoom concert DVD   Gotta love the two cellist babes and Lynne's version of Rollover Beethoven.   Cheers,
Any Evergreen CC in Haymarket, VA members on here?
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