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What's good in theaters?   Have not been for a while...   Cheers
Ringo and his all stars at the Warner Theater in DC   Richard Page has a great voice.  Fun was had by all.   Cheers
TF Noir   The last of my little squirter......   Cheers to all dads
DeSense, Thanks, I will check it out. Cheers,
cleav,  Classic   cool cars too...  my first car was a '64 Fairlane HP289 4 speed Canary Yellow with about $3,000 in engine and header work right at 12 sec 1/4 mile  How I never got a ticket is  amazing......  Yes the engine work cost more than the car... Cheers
OT   I am in need of moisturizing soap or body wash.  It's OK if it smells refreshing.   Suggestions please.
That's a good one. Cheers
I played PONG a few times.  Did they ever make a movie out of it?   Cheers,
Boss- Hugo Boss tonight for a dinner date at my place.   Cheers
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