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Very nice...  Details on the jacket please.  I've been searching for an open weave, somewhat unstructured, tan jacket for this summer. Cheers
Piobaire, I scored the Castello and the Folonari at Total Wine.  I tried the Folonari last night and really liked it.  It's the first chianti I've ever had that didn't have that very dry after taste.  It was smooth and fruity.  I think it is a steal at $8.99.  I will try the Castello this weekend.  It was $27.99, which is out of my daily drinker range. Thanks again and cheers....
Thank you..........
I would love to find a delicious chianti.  Details please- winery?  I don't know that logo.  Thanks,
Saw The Million Dollar Quartet at Wolf Trap last night.  I give it 7/10 with a good closing.  I just love live music.   Cheers
SOTE: Terre D'Hermes, one of the samples I scored a few weeks back.   Cheers,
Cougar? :<) Cheers,
Night of Living Dead from 1968.  It's on right now.   It exposes the risks of nuclear bomb testing.   Cheers,
Piobaire,   Thanks  I will pick some up next rip to store.   Cheers,
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