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SOTE:   Cartier- Declaration D'un Soir   I think it was recommended by L.... as an inexpensive rose fragrance.  I bought a big bottle.  I like it very much and it has a little staying power.   Cheers,
Davidoff Cool Water, my go to, every day with nothing special going on choice.   Cheers,
L, You have been especially humorous lately. Cheers,
Each character narrated their own chapters.  As to questions 2 and 3, you may be correct. In this novel there is so much deception (outright lying) and dramatic irony it drove me nuts.  I can see the movie being either really good or a dud.  The theater goers should be actively involved while watching.  I'll go see it unless the reviews are just terrible.  We'll see. Cheers,
It appears they are going to make a movie based on The Girl on the Train.   The book was read to me on a recent road trip.  The book is crazy with an interesting plot and characters- liars, alcoholics, druggies.  The movie could be hard to make because the book is mostly narrated.   Any thoughts?   Cheers,
ABBA- Number Ones, a DVD   So corny in many ways, but a great play list...   And, of course, there's Agnetha's bum.   Cheers,
Chu,  By "mock", I meant mock turtleneck.  That's what I wear to the golf course on cold days. Cheers,
Mock?  I wear them on the course when it's really cold out. For "older people" thay cover up a lot. Cheers.
State of Grace- Oldman's character and his portrayal are one of my favorites all time. Midnight Cowboy- 5/5 in my book.  It was really different at the time. Cheers
Airplane ",,, and don't call me Shirley" Cheers,
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