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Which EDT would go well with shoveling 3 to 4 feet of snow?   Cheers,
OT   Speaking of rum, I love the newest Captain Morgan TV ad with the dancing Maidenhead.  Way cool...   Anyone else?   Cheers,
I found an old sample of Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDT...   Unless someone tells me it is awful, I plan to wear it tonight.   Cheers,
Two rec's if you don't mind a drive from D.C.   It's expensive and an hour or so from DC, but The Inn at Little Washington has a good reputation.   For moderately priced steaks, Trios in Falls Church, VA is very good- modern decor and a little noisy.   Cheers,
ABBA- Number Ones   It's a DVD compilation of really corny videos.  The costumes are ridiculous.   Cheers,
Cartier- Declaration D'un Soir   I like it a lot, but do not wear it often.   Cheers,
I have a wok you can have.  I have never used it.  It is still in the box.  It is a 14", carbon steel, flat bottomed, with lid. Edit:  It is non-stick............. I live in Northern VA.  Are you close by? Cheers
I've only spent that twice for a steak- once at The Inn at Little Washington and once at Prime 44 West in The Greenbrier resort.  The former was a very special occasion, the latter was other people's money.  Both were excellent steaks. Cheers,
Ursine?  I learn something every day.  Thanks... Cheers,
Montebuena Rioja   One of my favorites and for $8.97.   Cheers,
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