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Alan Hale Sr and Jr.   Robin Hood's Little John and Gilligan Island's Captain.   When you see them at similar ages it is striking.   Cheers
OT   Trivia:  Name the father and son actors who look most alike.   Cheers
Does La La Land live up to hype- 14 nominations?   Thanks
Godfather I and II (My best directed movie ever) Patton (Perfect casting) Cuckoos Nest (Perfect casting and writing) The Deer Hunter Jaws Goodfellas Casablanca Silence of the Lambs The Graduate Apocalypse Now Lawrence of Arabia Fargo Kill Bill Unforegiven The Third Man (love the music) Papillion (Just re-watched this one) The Bridge on the River Kwai Just added:  Slingblade   Except for the first three, there is no particular order.  I cannot resist...
Someone earlier mentioned walking out or not walking out of movies.  I have tried to watch these two and have either walked out or turned them off at least twice- REDS and RAN.  I kept going back based on the reviews.  I should learn to trust my first judgement of movies.   Cheers,
Count of Monte Cristo   Guy Pearce is perfectly cast as an arrogant SOB.  I think this one is at least the 4th movie based on that novel.   CHEERS
So cool!   It was 4:55 PM today and I saw Bullitt was on so I changed channels.  They had just started the chase scene.   Cheers,
  I live in northern Virginia and will give away my stash pictured above.   The Creme de Cacao is unopened, but probably 25 + years old.  I have no idea if it is safe to drink or not.  Most of the rest have been opened and are fairly recent purchases.   Interested?  PM me.   Cheers
cleav,  as usual a great song.........can't sit still listening to that one///// Cheers,
b1os  Runaway Girls  That is one sexy tummy........... Cheers
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