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Slingblade   There is something about this movie that I can'r resist.  BBT is awesome in this one.  He says he came up with the idea while shaving one morning.  it's in my top 10 or 15 for sure.   All right then......
RL Double Black after a round of golf.   Cheers,
Boyhood   I sat through the whole thing just to see where it was going to end.  Does that even make sense?   Anyway, it had its moments and some pretty good laughs and acting.   What was the point of the movie? Stereotypes galore?   Oh well, it was free, so...........   Cheers
 OMG!  BV Geo La.... is my dream wine.  I had a bottle about 15 years ago and it was the best.  I am so jealous... Cheers,
A Most Wanted Man   Decent acting, but too predictable and it wanders about half way through...  IMHO, many of Le Carre's stories have not done well in movie form.  May be they are too complicated to be done in 2 hours???   RIP Hoffman   Anyone seen Boyhood?   Cheers,
 Best post on this thread since I joined. Cheers
Dr. L Riesling 2012   Very good...   Cheers
Wine in a blender?  I thought you were supposed to be gentle with wine.  Oh well, that just goes to show how much I know.  Seriously, I know zilch about wines, but.........   Cheers,
I will check the clearance rack at Giant Foods. Thanks.....
My last bottle of Tisdale ( 3 for $10),  I plan to move up the cabernet chain a little with my next everyday choice.   Any recommendations under $12?   Cheers,
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