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Jeans with a crease.....cool..really.....   My nephew is a ex PBR champion and wears his starched and creased.   Cheers,
Last night at the Kennedy Center- Beethoven's 5th symphony performed by the NSO.   Wonderful!   Cheers,
Wait, no boobs and no ass.  Yuk!
Being There from 1979   Some very funny moments...   Cheers
SOTE Bleu de Chanel
ABBA in Concert, a concert DVD featuring their 1979 tour.  Very strange costumes...  I never knew who or what they were until I got this DVD.  I remember hearing them and thinking it was a chorus like The Hillside Singers or something like that.  So I looked them up on the web and noticed that many of the comments are concerning Agnetha's butt.  Go figure...   Cheers,
SOTE is Bleu de Chanel.   Cheers,
It won't look like his, but Macy's has a khaki and a brown linen jacket on sale and I might try it.  My problem is I am very pale and might not look good in the lighter jacket. We'll see.  I can always take it back, if it doesn't work out. Cheers,
Outstanding texture combination!
Like, totally awesome...  RIP PS
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