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I was watching a movie when all of a sudden I saw your avatar......  I often wondered what it was..... Cheers
Be careful if you decide to shorten.  If the tailor's sewing is to tight, the front will pucker out and you will regret it.  I know from experience. Cheers,
I want to watch A Christmas Carol or Scrooge this weekend.   Which one is best?   Cheers,
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf   First time seeing it...  It is quite a dialogue and Taylor and Burton are at their best.   Do you think there are couples like that?   Cheers
Details please in plain English.  They are beautiful. Thanks,
Safe   How many people were killed?  Lots...   Meh!   Cheers,
Casas de Bosque cabernet...   I have two bottles left and will not be replacing them.  That means I'm still looking for a daily red to get into. <$15   Cheers
Fats and Friends (remastered from 1986), a jam session DVD with Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, et al.   Pretty cool....   Cheers,
Thanks... Cheers
Too cool!  When was that recorded? Cheers
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