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cleav,  as usual a great song.........can't sit still listening to that one///// Cheers,
b1os  Runaway Girls  That is one sexy tummy........... Cheers
The Innocents (1961)   I really enjoyed this one.  It was done as if it were filmed in the 40's.   Deborah Kerr at her best.  The two child actors did a great job too.   A captivating movie.  I was yelling at the TV the whole second half of the movie.   Cheers,
WOJT,  Mag 7 reference............   Tell GF Robert Vaughn's character was lamest, not the kid.   Changing subject...   Oh s__t, just looked at clock and it read 4:44.  That's the second time that has happened to me in a week.  It's now 4:45 so we are safe?   Cheers,
Ernesto...  Not exactly, but that's the quote I may have been comparing it to....... Cheers,
Hell or High Water...   Great west Texas (actually New Mexico) photography, good cast and enjoyable movie.   The T-Bone restaurant scene may go down as a classic.   Waitress:  What don't you want?  etc, etc.....  After the movie I thought maybe this scene was not original, but could not remember why I would think that.   Too cool!
klaatu barada nikto   Cool picture...  Can't pass it up when I see it listed.....   Cheers,
Duel What a great movie, so simple yet gripping and the budget must have been pocket change. Cheers,
The Girl on the Train...   I had the book read to me on a driving trip a while back and loved the book.  I was afraid the movie would not show Rachel as the book did.  I was wrong.  This is a good adaptation of the book.  I liked it and was impressed.  Saw it in theater with about 12 others at a 12:20 PM matinee showing.       Cheers
Queen of Katwe   Almost a feel good movie.  We enjoyed it.  Without the movie, I would not have known about Phiona.   Why is living in such poor conditions so beautiful to photograph?   BTW, we were the only two in a 400+ seat theater until well into the movie, when another couple came in and sat in the front row.   Cheers
New Posts  All Forums: