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SOTE: First time wearing Cartier Declaration D'un Soir as recommended on this site for my introduction to a masculine rose.   I like it so far.  Let's see if others comment tonight.   Cheers
While channel surfing I stopped on Vengeance for a few minutes.  It's a POS.   The lead was played by Johnny Hallyday and he was terrible.  I looked up his bio and was surprised to see he was a French rock star.  He should have stayed with singing, I guess.  I've never heard of him.   Cheers,
SOTE:  Terre D'Hermes   It's very different from the citrus I usually wear.   Cheers,
Yes, and stay in the shade.  The sun washes out all the colors and texture or maybe it was the camera. Cheers
ed, You are spot on.  No, I can't explain it any better than you did. Cheers,
Every time I hear "Stuck in the Middle With You" I feel a chill......... Cheers,
Master......., Thanks...  I ordered some.... Cheers,
L, Can you recommend a "rose" EDT toward the masculine given that I like Cool Water, RL Double Black, Terre d"Hermes, and Acqua de Gio?  Maybe something on the inexpensive side, not like the TF line. Thanks,
KLAATU BARADA NIKTO   The original was on TCM last night.   Any comments on Love and Mercy?   Cheers,
John Fogerty at Royal Albert- a concert DVD...  the usual play list well done...   Cheers
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