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Cleav, This and the Evie Sands post are awesome.  Thank you. Cheers
Another movie/history reference.  Billy the Kid...  He was not left handed as the famous picture showed him to be.  Turns out they had a similar problem that your picture had.  It was reversed. Cheers,
Re, Maybe not premium quality, but I have some J Crew chinos that are very heavy and seem to be indestructible.  I've had them for years in the khaki brown color and I can't seem to wear them out.  I wear them for winter golf too.  I love the fit as the legs have a narrow opening.  They keep a crease very well. Cheers,
"Brooks was here."  But it was a beam not a pipe.  Would have been the same result. Everything reminds me of some movie these days. Cheers,
Exactly right! Cheers,
Tried a spray of TF Noir at a mens shop.  The salesman claimed it was their best seller.  I did not ask the price, but I know it's expensive.   How do you guys describe this one?  I kinda liked it and it seemed to have staying power.   Cheers,
Pulp Fiction- I watch the dance scene all the time- super song and super dancing in a crazy movie. Cheers,
GP in westerns has never worked for me.  I don't know why. Cheers,
Congrats papa!  I hope all is well with all 3 and you too. Cheers,
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