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I'm Selling these brand-new with tags Levis sta-prest 508 in black sizes w33 L34
Levis Sta-Prest 508 BNWT size w32
For sale is 1 Pair of Brand New with Tags Levis 501 STF Selvedge jeans from the limited edition European line  "Best of Red Tab" - NOT LVC   Brand new with Tags, Unwashed, Unsoaked...   These jeans feature the best details of the 501 jeans thru times availiable in the LVC Line, such as the v-stich, the black flags on the back pockets (no hidden rivets), red selvedge, selvedge coin pockets, chainstitch hem, punched through copper rivets, zink buttons, Leather...
seing people find ways to justify 1500$ for a pair fo shoes makes me feel very happy to the fact that i work in the field of marketing for the shoe industry!
Burberry is my wild guess. i have seen some in the burberry outlet not more than a few months ago and if my memory serves me correct they were rather similar to that one!  
so far all i have seen has the best of two worlds. the quality of H&M and the serenity & class of MMM! very cool....   oh... wait....
hehehe... 100$ for a pair of Pisamierdas...   people in this forum and their shoes.... lol
any idea where to find some yellow desert boots? i mean the traditionally shaped one. so far all i found was those flimsy styled ones with super slim sole and sleek design... im more into the clarks shape!!! 
and the world drools over TF's Skyfal wardobe whereas SF brilliant minds claim nut hugging heresy!!!!     Like the heretic Galileo....AND YET IT MOVES.....!!!
i seriously hope you are joking! people in this forum think that paying a gazilllion dollar for a pair of shenigans shoes will get them to sleep well at night?   if you dont believe it, just go ahead and buy some C&J or Trickers, pay inexplicable abusive sums of money and sleep better at night in the safe notion that to have a good pair of well built shoes you have to shell out a load of money. the Portuguese Shoe Indutry thanks you for that!! or the British brands that...
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