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Please someone can answer this? I need some help...  ;) I ask about the Neumok model
I love to get a pair of this model just I read a review about the size I'm 9 D I have to get size 8.5 D ?? they are super cool shoes!! :)
they are UGLY!!! :)
I own that Webgem Macllister ain red,white and blue they are super cool shoes just I wear twice in July and everybody say good things about the shoes, they are my first AE shoes after that I owm 5 pairs, Players sand and white,Mctavish tan color, the webgem red,white and blue and a black Strawfut, I'm so happy for own this shoes...and I'm hunting for one more webgem...  :)
  My friends, I;m from Peru I speak Spanish is no problem with my order just I love to wear this nices shoes in my country just can be ruin and I have the Webgems wity the ruber sole and I love to have ruber in the sole in my others shoes posible??
Please someone here can help me with some info! :)
I enjoy this forum two months ago because I get my firts pair of shoes from AE the Webgems the Macneil Blue,White and Red they are a nice shoes and after that I get ttwo pairs of Players color White and sand and the last ones the Strawfut in Black, the only problem I have is I can't use this shoes and I need some help here because you guys the expertys in this brand the shoes, the Webgems came with rubber sole and the other I own not! I love to put the sole in my other...
I"m looking fro Allen Edmonds suede Players sand color or white in size 9 a good price, plese new, thank you! :)
I'm looking for this shoes in size 9 Allen Edmonds Webgem color beige and cream, please if someone knows where I can get it let me know! :)
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