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GnT made with Wal*Mart tonic and Bombay Sapphire.    The drink before that was the same with Tanqueray 10 in place of Bombay Sapphire. 
I read the entire post. I actually meant "What brand is this shirt?" and "From what materials is it made?"    Also, yes I did read the entire post.  Maybe it's 100% non-iron cotton. Maybe it's made of untreated cotton. Maybe it's made of supima cotton. Maybe it's a Brooks Brothers shirt. Maybe not.         Further, even though I posed my question incorrectly, why didn't you add something beneficial to the argument and offer an answer? kthanx bye
  What kind of shirt is this?? The fabric looks so nice.
  That tie is 
      Pink on pink and grey for back to school night.
  I didn't realize how dirty the teacher bathroom's mirror was until I uploaded this picture... ah well... Herringbone and dots! Colors aren't rendering correctly. Tie is navy, pocketsquare is purple with odd bits of navy and gold. 
      Last days of summer. Whipcord and cotton madras. Maybe I'll start doing the big photos like Spoo.
  What is this nonsense?? I think something went wrong...
hey now. I got that FOR FREE from a friend. Otterboxes are $$$$. Lost points or not, I believe I am still winning. 
  Navy suit; white with blue window-pane shirt; dark red tie (looks brighter than IRL). This may be the last time I wear this as a full suit for a while. My wallet wore a hole through my pants today at school... guess I'll have to buy new navy suit pants. 
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