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Hi Jammy, Thanks for chiming in. I've been hoping to hear some responses, so I'm glad to see you and particularly glad your from Dallas! To clarify, the founder did not quote me any prices. He took the items in and said in a few days I would get an email/inventory of the items I'm donating and along with that will be the asking price of the item. This he said would not necessarily reflect the final sales price because after a period of time if the items haven't sold...
Here I thought I'd make it easier to have a look see so I'm adding a direct link. I hope that's okay to do... I'm thinking everybody else here who is into philanthropy and/or in need of a write off will like what you see here. Again, very curious to know other's thoughts. HQ
Charity Link Foundation Consignment Boutique is the name of it. It hasn't opened yet but it sounds pretty cool. I live in Plano and a friend of a friend told me to check them out on Facebook. From what I see they are consigning extremely high end merchandise for charities. I called and spoke with the founder and he assured me the store isn't going to be a thrift store, but rather an upscale resale shop. I'm donating a few items to see what happens. The founder...
This has been a super success so I will be adding an additional $1,000,000.00 worth of goodies. Among them will be suits, sportcoats, more shirts, ties, pants, and more. My personal assistant is working on photography presently and will have much posted in the days to come. Everything you see photos of on page one, are all still available. The others have been deleted. New Wool House of Bijan Dress Pants in Dark Olive Green size 36" (2" extra) X 31" with Pleats &...
Here are 16 Belts from Wilkes Bashford, D-Fine, Bally, Peter Barton, and the likes. Most are new or have only been worn once. Your choice $110 each OR BUY THE WHOLE LOT FOR $1250 I paid on average $300 a belt. They are ALL genuine Lizard, Alligator, Snake, & Ostrich (NO TWO ARE THE SAME...EACH BELT IS IT'S OWN SHADE AND COLOR! Imagine a belt for every occasion $4800 retail and owning them for $1400 with the majority being brand new???
Sold To A Fine Gentleman.
Brioni Ties $85 Each or reasonable offer for multiples.
Kiton Ties $100 Each or reasonable offer for multiples
Zilli Ties $85 or reasonable offer for multiples.
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