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i very much like the size of the cap toe on the strand, pa, and fa. cap size wise, i prefer them to the cliftons...and i own em all.
for some reason, shell doesn't seem to shine that well right out of the box. i had a hell of a time getting my NSTs to shine up right after i got them, but now the toe caps are nice and shiny. i feel i have always gotten a better shine after a few wearings, or even just keeping the shoes out of the box. perhaps there's something about increased exposure to circulating air that changes something in the finish...
i assume you have tried this already, but does the line brush out?
looks a bit like overzealous burnishing. i have a pair of AE brown calf 5th aves like this. anyone else care to weigh in?
let's just say it yet again so everyone knows...our very own REguy made this
ah, i see. if only i could read japanese: seems weird that the bureau would call it a WWII-era last unless alden actually made boots for the foes. i suspect that may be clarified in the above-linked text that is unfortunately meaningless to me...
I looked late last night (about midnight pst) and the seconds (or whatever you call them--deep discount at prices similar to the seconds mailings) had been taken down. ...and then looked just now and they're back up. called and was told the ravello LHS in 9D was already purchased. darn! hope it went to an SFer. if so, post pics, you gnarly bastard.
what last is this?
let me preface this by saying i have browsed and searched this thread extensively for an answer but have found little insight aside from one or two quick mentions and a photo comparing two LWBs. a quick question for meermin + alden owners--how does sizing translate between the meermin lasts and alden aberdeen or barrie? TIA
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