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regardless, what makes the loudest sound is usually the heel first striking the ground. the rear portion of the dovetail on AE shell offerings is pretty much the same rubber used for their calfskin toplifts. this rubber is significantly harder than Alden toplifts' rubber, and, as a result, my AEs are all much louder than my Aldens.
i had great success with calling customer service earlier today to make sure my addresses were correct in the system. although the website still shows my old, incorrect address under the corporate number, the discount is applied after entering payment information and the shipping/billing addresses on the final page are up-to-date.
the insole will compresses a little, but not by much. still, this could potentially alleviate the problem. are your toes going numb? gut feeling is return and get one size wider. and the bowing doesn't look too bad--nothing like what you see on the AE thread.
  Thanks, guys! So you don't think the saphir cordovan polish will be too dark for the leather? i'm inclined to check out the saphir mahogany paste, as that seems pretty close in color (per kirby allison's page). but it is refreshing hearing these rave reviews about the cordovan shell polish proper.   but yeah, for right now, i will just be using reno + brushing.
got my leeds in from the seconds sale, but now have a quick question--what colored polish do you guys use for the old AE burgundy shell, the dark cherry red color (not their newer, glossier eggplant finish)?
thank you and thank you. yes, those were the additional details i was looking for.
wow, what are the details about this boot?
it may be worthwhile to see if you can even this out with some reno/venetian. the cream will allow you to pick up some dye onto an applicator of your choice and you may be able to move the dye around or just wipe it off.
browse this thread and see what shoes strike your fancy. that's what began my fledgling alden 1 of this thread. any major gaps in your AE collection (for example, are you missing full strap loafers or perhaps split toes)? how much shell do you have?   where you live also influences whether you can try on shoes in-store to get a feel for what size you are in the different alden lasts.
i am a sucker for those thinner flat laces, a la alden.
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