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i prefer european bar lacing, which works fine with both even and odd numbers of eyelets, but if you want to do straight bar lacing with an odd number of eyelets, you just have to accept that one lace will cross the tongue. mac does this!
nice looking shoes! still, would you consider bar lacing for these balmorals?
AE shoe trees are made by Woodlore, which AE owns. My alden shoe trees are all made by Rochester shoe tree company. The split-toe shapes are different. I have seen nordy rack carry either one or the other, but not both at the same time.
beautiful! that is a large number of uncreased shell shoes in a single post.
agree...can't get myself to get grain anything yet...waiting for the day when it finally grows on me enough to get a pair
I am pretty sure Nick Horween has publicly advised against using Lexol on shell, but others, including myself, have used it to good effect. I picked up a pair of bone-dry aldens that were cracked in places and gave them a few doses of Lexol + brushing. Got a decent shine. Nowhere near the shine with reno, though.   short answer--if you don't have reno--go ahead and use your lexol.
seriously...didn't they used to have one in cabazon? which you mean rubber has much better traction?
i just realized this was the case. darn! the saving-to-cart trick might not work so well. here's to hoping that they will release more sizes by 3/13...
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