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i am pretty sure it is twice a year, but i haven't had my corporate card that long--i seem to remember reading from years back that it is usually one day in march and one day in october speaking of which, i called them the day after the corporate sale and they honored the sale price :)
when does lobb have 40% off sales at south coast?
that is so terrible :(
those alpine v-tips are the closest i have come to appreciating alpine grain...i love the v-tip, too! on my short list, but i have some more shell models to buy first.
good to know, thanks...too bad i am not in nyc although...just realized i am going to barcelona in april...definitely going to check out their store!  
hmm...astute what do you mean when you say carmina/meermin/vass have emerged in the us market? last i checked, they were only available online. i'm still nervous about buying them because i have no idea how my feet fit in their lasts!
how are they so sure that they're aldens? don't numerous other designers also make suede chukkas?
michigan--is the front left the ls v-tip blucher?
crazy--i will have to go pick some up. the shipping is why i've never bought venetian online.
in common american usage, saddle shoes can either be balmorals or bluchers (cf. jos a bank, among other retailers). i acknowledge i may be missing something, so do explain your view...
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