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the consensus is that barrie-lasted shoes fit slightly looser than barrie-lasted boots, right? is it an entire half-size different?
true...and on top of that the price alone makes it very desirable
return them. bowing is not normal, and asymmetric bowing may feel funny on your feet but will certainly bug the heck out of you every time you look at the shoes. bowing has been covered extensively in this thread, and again, it is NOT normal.
  during which months do these discounts typically appear? 
certainly not. one's a longwing, the other's a shortwing. do it...
are you choking your ankles and the lower part of your calves with lacing them that tight? i find i have to leave the "cuff" of boots quite a bit looser to account for motion when walking, etc.   the spacing between the quarters looks spot on.
loving these ravellos...good job  
i just called directly and the sales rep applied the 30% discount to a pair of #8 straight tip bluchers without batting an an order confirmation within 30 min, card billed, shipping confirmation in 2-3 business days.   was gonna get the lhs in 9d--had it in my cart the night before--but when i got around to checking out after work on the day the sale started, it was out of stock! hoping you get yours.   i will splurge for the faster shipping next time.       on...
very true re: fitting sneakers and dress shoes--but now that i've figured out my size in alden lasts, i wear similar to what others have posted--9.5 barrie, 10.5 in all new balance shoes i've owned heel taps definitely make your heels hit the ground sooner than they otherwise would, but this height difference is no more significant than the disparity between toplift heights of some of my shoes.
hmm, fresh #8 already looks pretty eggplanty to me--dark, dark purple--sorta like the italian eggplants you get at the supermarket, and maybe slightly darker than the average japanese eggplant. what color are you expecting it to mature into?
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