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i am pretty sure shell stretches/conforms to my feet as the shoes are broken in (and the insole compresses slightly, which also opens up the shoe). still, as bakes said, a cramped toebox is unlikely to improve drastically. i believe that most shoes will ultimately conform to your feet, but how fast that happens is a function of your pain tolerance, and some shoes may never fit you truly well within a reasonable amount of time.
these would be great as interview shoes. the practical difference between these and the park avenues is minimal, and, to me, the vernons aren't so far out there as to draw unnecessary attention. your feet will thank you after a long day of walking standing, if something like that is in store for you!
echoing the above sentiments--you should try some conditioner first, then some cream and wax polish if the scuffs persist. they likely won't. you'll likely have to get used to seeing similar scuffs that you incur (legs of a rolling chair, gas/brake/clutch pedals), and they are super easy to get rid of.   if you aren't satisfied after your attempts, you could even consider returning or exchanging the shoes yet again (granted you don't ruin them--which would anyway...
factory seconds are brand new, and from the way it would appear from these forums, you have to get rather unlucky to notice any immediate cosmetic defect. i second the recommendation to order from the shoebank--some of the deals to be had are better than some of the price gougers on ebay, and the return policy is crucial. there is no good way to estimate what width you are without trying on the shoe--there are too many variables at play, and that's not even considering...
beautiful...great snag!
That's pretty damn fast...ridiculous
try wiping carefully with alcohol first?
Haha, very well...
interesting. paradoxically, pinky toes getting crowded + heel slip make me think you are a size TOO wide, and that you should try to go narrower. what happens to me, at least, is if a size is too wide, my foot wedges even more toward the front of the shoe than normal, causing 1) my pinky toe to slide forward and hit the side of the toebox/the side of the upper--a crowded feeling--and 2) the heel to be placed too far forward, exacerbating heel slip. it was only after this...
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