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ack...sorry for the ignorance, but what models will be $99? the email didn't say... (did they tell us yet?)
  they almost look like #4, sorta like those refinished shortwings posted a while back...
or what if you apply saphir reno to just that area and keep on rubbing it out? if i polish my shoes with reno some color always comes off onto the makeup pad...
i have a pair of cigar (or nearly) shell hanovers that are built very solidly. took about 9 months of trolling ebay to pick them up for $75...definitely keep hanover on your radar if you are considering buying used! had to size up 1/2 size from barrie.
nahhhh this way we can compare with alden lasts and sizing!was surprised that the beckmans are so expensive...somehow thought red wings were generally cheaper
Any feedback? how puddle-resistant are alden cordovan/calfskin chukkas, particularly with a comamndo sole? :P
agreed, quite the score...and once the creases set in, the spot will definitely be nearly unnoticeable!
Anyone have any opinions about the color 8 chukka on flex welt versus commando versus standard oak sole? Contemplating getting the commando for light rain wear...
I vote LHS. I love my full straps but the pointiness of the Aberdeen makes the shoes look very formal...but I'm sure you can't go wrong either way.
I haven't received any irregular offerings (in 9D and 9.5D, if that matters) for several months now. Have I been dropped from their list? Have others been receiving these?
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