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no, he actually meant scotchgrain color 8 shell. that's why it's so damn rare!
thanks for the info!
quick OT question: is $184 for BB's shell cordovan belt a good deal? I saw old threads saying at one point they were discounted to $99, but i doubt that'll happen in the near future!
they're like AE sanfords on super crack...
god those are awesome. what does alt wien mean, anyway? old vienna or thereabouts?
unless you're wearing really short pants, the daltons should just look like shortwing bluchers. you could go with the standard rule of balmorals with suits and bluchers for less casual settings, but many sport bluchers with suits. i know i do...
ugh, they must be swamped with emails! emailed them 4 hours ago but no reply yet... i was hoping it would be $50 off the first, $100 off the second, $150 off the third, and $200 off the fourth... ;)
All the Alden shoe trees I've seen are made by Rochester. Woodlore is Allen Edmonds. I've seen both brands' split-toe styles at nordstrom rack. I agree that 9.5d Barrie is about the upper limit of Alden/Rochester M shoe trees. The M trees I have only compress about 1 cm lengthwise in 9.5d Barrie's, barely enough, as others have said, to flatten the creases in the shell.
i agree that stains are pretty much unacceptable with $800 shoes. that being said, it looks like the stain really only comes out when there's strong light (flash/sun), and with shell, we're beggars, not choosers. some of the bb #8 models that i've had my eyes on aren't even available! i'd keep them and wear them.
how tight are they? do your toes get numb (including between your great toe and your second toe)?how much have you broken these in? there's likely a little more room for the cork to compress, right?I vote for keep and see if they get a bit more comfortable...
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