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you sure the heel slip won't go away once the sole is broken in?
sigh alden
cordovan is so addictive! if you want cordovan, go for it. have you considered alden? and regarding color, you already have two pairs of pretty dark shoes. in indoor office lighting, burgundy shell can pass for black. perhaps mix it up a bit with a lighter color (walnut shell, MAYBE brown shell [although it is pretty dark], or--if you go alden and get lucky--ravello or cigar)?
haha   wow. 1000 rmb for a mtm wool suit (assuming one, as you say, picks the true fabric)--be it fused--sounds like a fantastic deal for a beater suit.
haha...oh man is he asking for it!
no, some are saying they aren't going to do the 2 for $200 anymore. in my limited experience i have not seen the 2 for $300--which will hopefully still pop up now and again--advertised on their website, as it's a shoebank seconds thing. i just hear about it here and on aaac and then contact the shoebank to confirm...
those ae shoe trees are mighty small compared to the rochester (alden) ones. i use ae large in all of my ae's and rochester medium in my aldens, and i am a 9.5 barrie/9 eee in most ae lasts. for these reasons, i would suggest ae L.
This is tempting, but I have no idea how the sizing on vintage shoes compares with the commoner Alden lasts...and on top of this, there are individual sellers' varying return policies to contend with. Does anyone know how Florsheim/Hanover sizing compares to the Alden lasts?
Excellent results have been reported earlier in this thread with using an alcohol swab or similar to remove the edge finish--honestly seems easier than sanding to me. (Either way, you risk damaging the uppers, but only if you are careless.)
The balmoral stitching is pretty unforgiving if you happen to have the height of foot that simply won't fit. You could try going up in you allude to, and especially if you live close, it's best to do this in person.
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