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what an awesome mother-in-law. mine is awesome too, but i think she would flip if she found out how much aldens go for.
I don't much like pebble grain either...reminds me of cheap wallets I owned in middle school or those Sandra moscolini (?) abominations I see at nordy rack. To each his own though
Thank you! I had forgotten that the v-tip is also called the Algonquin split toe. This opens up a few more options on TSM and unionmade.
What's a good place to procure some v-tips in either calf or cordovan? Is the v-tip largely a Japanese fad? I know leather soul had their run several years ago, but I havent seen anything similar from any other US dealers. I am fond of the v tip look...
they're shell judging by the JR emblem and the dovetail...but yeah why in a display case? maybe super duper rare special edition...
So true...eyes everywhere
those bluchers are laced so close they're like balmorals!
enjoy got em before me (slow on the draw! damn!)
not familiar with grenson, but could this be a crepe sole you are referring to?
absolutely brilliant. worthy of uncle mac...
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