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looks like some unevenness where the toe cap is attached to the leather outer. my right #8 wingtip boot from LS developed a crease in this area after some wear, but the left was spared. said crease bugs me. i say if it bugs you now, exchange.
annoyed at shoemart...ordered some ravello LHSs, card charged and shipping number given but tracking status never updated--then on the expected day of DELIVERY, got the classic email from shoemart saying their inventory was wrong, they never really had the shoes, they are crediting back on the card.
awesome...i realize your shoes cost more than the rimowa (right?), but somehow i can't justify a purchase of luggage costing that much. I suppose it depends how much travel one does.
beautiful!!! heresy, but i think i almost prefer the dull, newer version without the patina. this is tempting!
does German customs make you pick up the package from them directly?
awesome! do you have any photos of well-loved tobacco chamois?
Sorry if this was already covered--all this talk reminds me to ask whether any stock indies come with a commando sole...
happens to me too. i think my left foot is smaller than my right, so the creasing is usually more pronounced on the left. what REALLY bugs me is that tiny crease immediately behind the toebox--forward, even, of where my toes normally break. happens more on my left shoe than my right. ughhh.
wait, how much were they previously?
when i deflowered my first pair of allen edmonds without taps on, i was horrified by the results--just from walking a few blocks on asphalt. now i realize leather soles are more durable than i thought, but i get toe and heel taps anyway. some say heel taps get dangerously slippery. i agree, so i put a layer of shoe goo right on top of the heel tap.and material doesn't matter much. one might think that metal toe taps would be much louder than plastic, but the main sound...
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