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sadly, i don't have any personal experience with the matter yet, but i think i read every post there is online discussing the relative merits of the bb versus alden shell belts. most people seem to say that the bb belts do seem less hefty. one person said it felt like it stretched if he pulled not even very hard. i'm curious, how do you think they compare in heft to standard, cheapo $30-40 kenneth-cole-calvin-klein-penguin-nordstrom-rack-marshalls atrocities?
When i lace my shoes using display lacing, i always enter from the inside of the top eyelets outward. you can say it's cheating, but it's unreasonable not to have the top part of the quarters tied down snugly. i think most people that use display lacing finish it off that way. and I don't think display lacing is intrinsically harder to tighten than standard criss-cross--you just have to know what direction you need to pull each segment of shoelace (i.e., usually not the...
  hmm...I have never seen Alden in the wild in Los Angeles. Maybe I work in the wrong sector! :0
You know how tobacco chamois has that oily nappiness that is so desirable--does it disappear with vigorous brushing, or does that finish pretty much stay that way?
as if the OP needed another vote for the shell--the shell wins hands down!!
agree with the excellent input already provided, but they definitely look too big. almost looks like it's the right size for a running shoe!
seems like unlined would allow your feet to breathe more, since suede is so porous...
beautiful. does the ae brown shell get any shinier than in the photo? the finish on alden shell is just so incredible compared to AE's!
  new shell shouldn't need conditioner. you should just brush and wear. sometimes new shell shoes seem a little gooey when they come out of those clear plastic bags Alden packs them in, but letting them sit out for a couple of days dries them up.
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