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Aww, i wanted to see an answer to this, too! anybody? so conflicted! also, is UO the go-to supplier for unbranded? do you every get better deals at other retailers, like Nordstrom?
MWS or any others, can you give an approximate range of reasonable prices one might expect to pay in person? My tassel loafers need new heels, and I have no clue how much a reasonable fee would be. ($20? $50? $80?)
I want to see photos!
weird...when i apply reno, the lighter-colored areas (usually the creases) seem to absorb the reno more, and after application, usually do look darker than the rest of the shoe. this is noticeable even with #8, and the pattern looks similar to what your left shoe looks like.. you think the problem could possibly be exacerbated by reno building up in the creases?
I've had this happen with new Alden shell and, to some extent, my shell Leeds. I find that the shell gets much more resistant to brush marks and those pinpoint light-colored pinheads over the first several wears. Not quite sure why--maybe oxidation or aging of the finish as it's exposed to more air? In any case, you don't need to go crazy on the brushing the first few wears--try again in a week and see if it's any better. Keep us posted...
Re the wonky medallion, I see it now that I've looked at it again after all the other comments. It's not terrible, and nobody will ever notice it if they look at your shoes while you're wearing them. But you'll know it's there. Re the 1 mm, are you sure your feet are perfectly symmetric? I know many people's, mine included, aren't...
how does it look when the laces are tied and the quarter is snugged down?
what bkotsko said! i use european bar on all my bals. however, if you insist on using straight bar, do a subtle cross-under from the very bottom eyelet on one side to one eyelet above on the opposite, and then start your straight bar lacing.
totally agree! ONLY straight lacing on bals--all the time!!!
good to hear. do you think the alden belts are suitable for everyday wear, or are they too fragile? with the exception of hanover brown shell, i only have color 8/ae burgundy shoes :0 and i would so much rather wear a shell belt than my calfskin burgundy one! what's the status on alden belts now, anyway--has anybody heard about recent stock at the regular retailers" (i know alden sf used to have a decent stock, but then i heard that dried up)
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