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Can someone tell me for a Tetbury size 9UK/10US what size woodlore epic/ultra shoe tree size to buy?  I would prefer to buy the right one off the bat and not have to return/rebuy.   Thanks!
Allen Edmonds is having their "Rediscover America" sale and offering 15%-30% off on all their shoes.   Allen Edmonds is also on sale at  Sign up for Amazon shoe alerts and get 20% off your first order   I...
  I get that people post at their own peril but I just feel like people could stand to be a bit more positive.  I posted a pic not on this forum for my indochino suit and people tore it apart and made me very self conscious about my decision.  I was past my date for getting a remake but I did take it to my tailor who basically told me everything looked fine to him.  All my friends and family loved the suit and everytime I wear it I get compliments.  I also rave on the...
I think these threads are ridiculous.  I have not seen a single person post a picture up and then have someone say, it looks great.  You're gtg.  Wtf?  How often are you staring at the mirror wondering if one button is 2cm too far to the right.     Just cause it's MTM doesn't mean there some perfect amazing fit.     You suit looks great to me.  Pull your pants up a bit and you're GTG.  
stopped by my AE today to get fitted for Park Avenues.  The person told me that I could either go with 11 D or 10.5 E as they would fit about the same.  I was leaning towards the 10.5 E as that felt like there was less heel slippage.  However, he warned me that if it was too wide, then the shoe wouldn't crease in the place and that might look weird.   Does anyone know that he means by that.  He wasn't too knowledgable and it seemed like an off handed comment.  
thanks for the reply.  It seems as a newbie when you search about SF here, everyone hates on Studio because it's "a glue job".  It was a little disheartening to see that my brand new "most expensive shoes I ever bought" was looked down on.     Looking forward to learn a lot more from this community.  Thanks.!
I've recently started on the high end shoe band wagon and really like the styling of SF.  Did some lurking here and it seems everyone agrees that there are three lines Tramezza, LO, and Studio.  However, every thread I've seen is at least one year old and the prices people are quoting are no where near right.     I was in a retail store today and it seems like there is still Tramezza and LO, but everything else is unmarked.  No "Studio" inside.   Tramezza ~850...
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