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nice look in black Patrick Busting out some 522's first wear tonight. I originally ordered a dark green pair, they messed up the color and delivered burgundy. But I liked so I kept. and reordered green, so now have 2 522's in what I think are pretty versatile colors.
Eastland made in Maine kennebec Genuine heavy duty Whore-ween leather
Captoes on Aberdeen #8
Nice stuff everyone I've got plain Jane Aldens today
Barker black archdale in charcoal Polo/corneliani Pantherella
Hey B i like the shine too -- is the boot Cuadra the brand you told me about a while back ?
Thanks so much jungle I think nordstroms I can try on or even in sf the AE store. I've just gotten lazy and accustomed to buying on the internet Appreciate you sharing experiences and the helpful guidance
Thanks jungle ! Very helpful Last question -- on your strand did you go from D to E ? I heard toe box is narrow
Mimo thanks for the comprehensive AE tips I my give them a try. The shoe that has my eye is a brown shell strand I hear they make the cordos to higher std. With JR soles. Any of you bros hand that shoe?
Hi Edmund they're almost new still this is only the 3rd or 4th wear of light use Dr.: I believe CJ's standard tan scotch Grain. And the lighting is a little dim/yellow in that room of my house which might make them appear darker. It's the standard color from Barney's website got from their sale last yr.
New Posts  All Forums: