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Sorry to hear B Hopefully picks up after the holidays
Thanks stitch and B B what's going on how are things in Mexico City
Agree, loving the boots j Nice whiskey Mac CJ suedes today
Cleav nice grensons Justin you magnificent bastard Plain jane Alden for bb black calf on Copley last (I think) Homage to Mac argyles Polo trou I dig these because they're handsewn vamp/apron
Hi max yes, just Reno then horsehair brush for a while. I'd say after every 2-3 wears. (And that spot on the left shoe vamp I realize is is just a water drop from the gym which later evaporated.) I think this is one of those charmed pairs, the way the patina is developing on its own, I haven't really made an effort but do notice the Reno does something special with the chestnut leather, makes it more deep and patinated, so I just kept on using it, and the color keeps...
Nice rugged galways sdolina And I like those. Black brogues apooh Barker black chestnut archdales I'm switching these to bar lacing tonight This shoe has gotten successively better looking with age and Reno
I'm a 12D but 11.5 barrie so probably 11.5 trubalance (I have no trubalance so guessing)
Yup Mac I like quoddy too, have a few pairs myself... Btw that's the nicest Indy I've seen, if I got one I'd want that exact cigar model
Mac thanks, I've been to maine couple times when younger, but did not spend summers there. Have always worn handsewn mocs etc however my whole life. Just have a great appreciation for the shoes and handsewn tradition of made in maine.
Epic bontoni porn justin I think my head is going to explode. Mac king ptb represent Cleav like the suede Eastland made in Maine kennebecs Really heavy horween oil grain leather I admit to having a fetish for made in Maine handsewns
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