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Thanks tomcat Hmmm maybe they're just standard soles this is my first pair so not sure.
Ok I blame all of you now I need more. My first of 2 mto's arrived today, this one from Ascot, excellent service from Sammy there. Another pair to arrive shortly from the Epaulet mto run last fall, the u tip brogue in dark brown. Details on these: Old English II, dark cognac calf F last 45.5 standard width JR double soles and metal tips, trees I'm a 12 US, narrow heel and widish forefoot, these fit like they're made for my feet.
semi dress with French calf got these from line gear a few years back, didn't wear much, now really getting back into boots, particularly whites and nicks:
Hey Stitches, B, justin and all shoe bros, long time no cow tip, I took a leave of absence. Back with some White's packers in brown/red dog just treated with an epic slathering of Obenauf's. I'm really getting into White's and Nick's boots recently:
hey guys, really enjoying this thread. I'm recently getting really interested in Whites and Nick's boots. I'm not a logger, firefighter, packer etc...I just appreciate the craftsmanship, leathers, fit and look of these boots. Today I've got a 2-tone brown/red dog packer. Just treated with Obenauf's. The arch in the right is bugging me a little but left is perfect. Look forward to seeing more pics of everybody's collection...and I've got a few more models to post soon.
thanks Cleav, hope you have a happy NY!!!!!
happy New Years Justin to you and your Bontonis !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Mac to you as well, and to your epic Alden collection!
Alex your boots are beautiful I'll share my first pair of AM boots: chukkas in similar leather Horween reindeer prit calf my pic pales in comparison to yours....
Betelgeuse those boots are off the hook. Great whiskey mac Gyash thats a nice stable you have Stitches happy new year to you and your GGs Antonio Mecciarello chukkas in Horween reindeer print calf
nice tassles mac! that last is not so comfortable in a loafer for me tho Busting out some Saint Crispins I originally ordered a dark green pair, they messed up the color and delivered burgundy. But I liked so I kept. and reordered green, so now have 2 in this model, in what I think are pretty versatile colors.
New Posts  All Forums: