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Nice combos stitches, cleav and upr St. Crispins 522 in olive
You seem to take things a little too seriously Patrick. Just having a little ironic fun with the cuffs
Thanks ! Oconnells mid gray flannels with 2 inch baller cuff Maybe split toe little more casual but most are fine in dress context Pro tip- get a #8 alden nst the perfect split toe
Jungle those are swank JM Weston in the rain today:
Thanks Vravio yes the instep is high and there's some extra room up in there. May try tongue pads (but thanks for the warning as I have vass trees)
F last old English II. I would be interested potentially in the mto being discussed.
Jungle those AE are really nice Vass old English II cognac F last second wear today. My first vass mto from ascot. Second mto expected from epaulet soon.
Great boots nikla Archdales in the sun
Hi Andy thanks I love them!! Delivery maybe 2 months not even I think more like 6-7 weeks Grab a pair !!!
thanks cathpah - I agree the heel is severely undercut but kind of a groovy look (and feel) here's some very impromptu picks of the 8" rangers with # 3 toe, Contender line, I took unworn just now. I know, there's not much wear I just recently got these too. My plan is to really get some wear on, and enjoy, both pairs this spring/summer:
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