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Well done with those lowndes steffen Suede lonsdales today (363 last hand grade)
The DM, it's hot Cleav CJ lonsdale suedes today
Barker black archdales Bresciani (not geometric) Incotex
NAMOR thanks - these I went -.5 I'm normally a 12 us but in CJ for polo I'm sometimes 11.5 sometimes 12
Thank you stitches hope you and your G&G's are well!
Thanks everyone I'm really loving these. Had them stashed in the closet for several years believe it or not because I could not decide if they were the correct size (strange I know). Good news they fit great and I decided to get them out on the pavement today
Thanks B ! How are things in the big MC?
Great stuff this page hombres CJ polo Ptb Falke Incotex
Ptb first wear today
Thanks tomcat Hmmm maybe they're just standard soles this is my first pair so not sure.
New Posts  All Forums: