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Thanks ! Oconnells mid gray flannels with 2 inch baller cuff Maybe split toe little more casual but most are fine in dress context Pro tip- get a #8 alden nst the perfect split toe
Jungle those are swank JM Weston in the rain today:
Thanks Vravio yes the instep is high and there's some extra room up in there. May try tongue pads (but thanks for the warning as I have vass trees)
F last old English II. I would be interested potentially in the mto being discussed.
Jungle those AE are really nice Vass old English II cognac F last second wear today. My first vass mto from ascot. Second mto expected from epaulet soon.
Great boots nikla Archdales in the sun
Hi Andy thanks I love them!! Delivery maybe 2 months not even I think more like 6-7 weeks Grab a pair !!!
thanks cathpah - I agree the heel is severely undercut but kind of a groovy look (and feel) here's some very impromptu picks of the 8" rangers with # 3 toe, Contender line, I took unworn just now. I know, there's not much wear I just recently got these too. My plan is to really get some wear on, and enjoy, both pairs this spring/summer:
Thought I'd jump in here and share pics of my new 10" shark/buffalo packers, #1 toe. I am digging these. I have a 8" Ranger also Nicks, Contender line, which I love but of course the packer is a totally different look and boot. Was afraid I might not pull these off but I am very happy with them. I do not work in a "real work" environment, just really enjoy boots from all the Pacific NW bootmakers. Have a great DM Bullard dark brown shark belt to go along with these.
Loving that gg flake esp the tan color. Forgot the name of this EG model it's not Chelsea but something like exmoor, elmsley or exeley. Esteemed member aportnoy told me once but I have since forgotten. D 202 dark oak (prefer E but these were an eBay score at price too good to pass up)
New Posts  All Forums: