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Thanks euro ! Like those monks and socks as well
Nice colors and combos stitches, jungle Barker black archdales
Beautiful whiskey jazz And nice monks cleav Barker black archdales
Whiskey PTB today
Excellent chukkas dapper and jazz Alden whiskey ptbs
Stitches and euro nice suede Pmac is that a eg Dover looks great Gravati peccary chukka today:
522 in olive
Nice combos stitches, cleav and upr St. Crispins 522 in olive
You seem to take things a little too seriously Patrick. Just having a little ironic fun with the cuffs
Thanks ! Oconnells mid gray flannels with 2 inch baller cuff Maybe split toe little more casual but most are fine in dress context Pro tip- get a #8 alden nst the perfect split toe
New Posts  All Forums: