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205 brogue Cru 609 classic last
Looking good roger, vriche, euro Hey B what's up in Mexico City St. Crispins today
Friday off casual shoes today Eastland made in Maine falmouths
Phillip 2 in plum
Thanks PCK! I love these shoes. Here's an outdoor shot which shows the plum color more truly:
Most exerrent stitch Lobb Phillip 2s in plum
Thanks ! That's just how they came jungle.
Jazz I'm not 100% sure but think Kiton now has their own workshop For shoes
Pkc that gg is beautiful, your nice pictures really do them justice Jungle again great combo with argyle Kiton cap toes in color "biscotti"
Namor -- Funny I also started with 11.5 sold those after only a few wears then went with 12. In the PTB I'm 11.5 and they fit perfect -- maybe that's a different last I have never totally figured out CJ for polo sizing.
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