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Speaking of black, I just got some pimp-tacular A. Testoni zip side boots in black. Will share with you guys Saturday which is when I plan to take them out. Justin they are right in your wheelhouse. Hope I can pull them off.....
liking those Conistons as well.. CJ/Peal for Brooks Brothers. I love this simple shoe, and the fit is great on 325.
Nice double monks and very sharp glen plaid stitches CJ / Peal for BB grained blucher on 325 last A very sensible shoe
Stitch thanks they are new old stock brooks brothers made in USA from eBay. Got these, navy and burgundy all with paisley action. They are terrific OTC and stay up all day, very thin toe seam so no irritation. One of those nice eBay experiences
Very nice !
Hey B how are you Update on Alden acquisition plans please
Nice G&G stitch And great boots Mac Hey we aren't afraid of a little rain in nor cal CJ for bb random kiltie thingies
Holy Shnikeys stitches those are beautiful And What kind of blue flannels are those ? Great boots Justin Mac looking sharp Workhorse Aldens today One of my more purple #8s
Thanks Bspiff Yes exact same size, they fit a little snugger in the vamp/ lace up area and heel. Marlows are a bit looser there and the (albeit small) difference makes the overall fit better. Plus I'm very enamored with the pebble grain.
CJ Pembroke/325/Dainite from last year's Barneys sale. First day out, I think I like these more than my Marlows:
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