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Thx cleav nice rmw boots I've been intrigued by that brand but wary of sizing Eastland made in Maine Wicasset. Even among all of my high end shoes my first love will always be Maine handsewns
lol you got it tampa -- I should have bought more,there were a couple other models in my size...but got outbid did you kop any??
Trusquare last ebay score. I am getting a strong Hush Puppy vibe from these. (in before: I disagree that was a score)
thanks Mac! Tonight I have some Aldens on the Trusquare last I scored on ebay NIB for a song. Here they are, exuding a strong Hush Puppy vibe:
Jhcam thanks sorry to hear about the runaround with the boots I would just keep them thru look good Stitch really one if the moves suede shoes I've seen Hey B liked your blog Lobb city 3s Love the metal eyelets, god is in the details
Couldn't agree more.i am very impressed with the quality of hide, and the construction. It will be a very long time before I wear through these. What's amazing is this shoe's big bother - the hunt derby chasse- is even more substantial with triple sole and hand stitching if you can believe that ! Don't have a pair ... Maybe because they are 2K + now
Kiton + Flannel = Boom
I like the chiaroscuro lighting and the GG stitches. I learned that word in a college art class. Kiton + Flannel = Boom
I don't think anything to be concerned about Edmund. there is no real standard when it comes to eyelets in my experience. I've seen outer/inner/none. No reason to think this is a flaw on these jmws but rather a decision by the maker to do it this way for this model.
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