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ptbs tonight
CJ for polo PTBs tonight
316 saddle in cognac shell cordovan
I just ordered and would prefer Antique brass but will go with what the majority decides
Just a guess but it looks like those could be made by Walk Over which I believe is based in Pennsylvania.
Nice looking rangers Chris. You inspired me to get mine out tonight. I regret not breaking these in sooner. I wore a them couple times last spring then put them away all summer it was so hot here. And even though it's a no frills model, I like them a lot.
Those are sweet, did you go true to size or -.5 like barrie (I heard bb ptb is a different last like m58 or something)
Nice suede New old stock dexter made in USA got for a song on eBay. Like them except for cutting into my heels so put some moleskin there.
tobacco suede ecton on 606
Eg tobacco suede ecton on 606
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