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Pulled out the Chambords today
Nice collection zapasman CJ for black fleece chunky monkeys These were a great deal at 349 and free shoprunner shipping I got them in navy suede as well
PTB Thursday
Alden for BB from a very dark purple batch of #8
It is going to be hot as a mother here today so I pulled out the unlined teigns
A quick intermission from this discussion for a pic of GGs in the wild
My first Carminas from the recent order. The instep and ankle is a little roomy, but otherwise good fit The price was right too
Teign unlined loafers on the 341 Highly recommend these for summer very comfortable
Nice score indeed ruscal Pulled out my Sandringhams in dark oak today.
those Nicks are sweet diazwa, and nice Wescos 4characters Tonight I'm wearing some Dayton's i got from a trip up to Vancouver a couple years ago. We got a little tour around the manufacturing area. The people were super nice and it was a fun experience.
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