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Seville in Burnaby?  Last year Pat made me two suits, a waistcoat, and three shirts and I was happy with the results.  The stuff is all made on site, not shipped off.
My advice is that unless you're aiming for a job that SPECIFICALLY requres an MBA or masters, do not get a masters degree.  Getting my MBA is the biggest regret I have, and getting it from a "name" school makes it even worse as I could have gotten a useless degree for half the price at a local university.  Also, an MBA is terrible for learning about small business; everything in the AACSB programs is geared towards global commerce.   YMMV and I'm sure some people...
I had something similar once and it was a problem with the pressing.  I steamed the sleeve and then put the jacket on to reshape.  The issue went away although that is not something I would do again; I think I was lucky .  I would take it to a pro and get it pressed.
You haters can't be serious.  Do you dress to impress guys on Styleforum or to get with the laydees?   If it's good enough for GC it's good enough for you.  
I got my 2 suits and 3 shirts from Seville. I am generally satisfied with the results and would likely get another suit done by Pat.    I only have a couple of pics of the navy ($1,000) and the angle is a little weird as my date for NYE was 6' and she was having trouble operating the camera.  (Note: she's a 9 and her only job is to look hot, not take photos of my suit for a bunch of guys on "Styleforum".)   I'm tough to fit as I'm 5'7" and 190 with a 44 chest and...
Hi,   Lurker here...   I am currently having two suits and two shirts made by Seville - should have them before Xmas and will try to post pics and comments when they are done.  So far I am pleased with what I've seen of Pat's work and looking forward to the final product.  What I like most is that he's making it right there; it's not being sent off somewhere else.  I also have found him very easy to work with.  He will answer questions and suggestions in a...
New Posts  All Forums: