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Carpenters. I'd throw on a T-shirt or a college hoodie. At least now one would accuse me of being a tool because I'm trying to hard. I'd just be like most American male who has no sense of style
It's not an absolute but generally a well dressed man should try to match shoe and belt colors. Cloth belts are the easy way of bucking that convention.
Agreed. Generally the selection in these outlet off saks and the like are atrocious. Gaudy Hawaiian printed shirts that are ridiculously priced even at the discount.
I think wingtips are pretty versatile. I don't think they're old man shoes either. I'm 28 also. Plus at that age, you're no longer a kid anymore. Excessively pointed shoes or squared toe shoes have a very short lifespan. If those can be avoided then one will have no problems.
At the department stores I'm generally well received. However, at the more high end stores, I tend to be ignored even if I'm well dressed. I always attribute it to my youngish look (I'm 28 but look like early mid 20s). It's a calculus the sales people play. They try to figure out whether a person is worth their time. In my case they're generally right because I rarely buy on impulse from high end stores especially full price because I like to window shop and compare...
If one is a dandy and has a penchant for histrionics and flamboyance no one would second guess it. However, if one is relatively conservative to somewhat trendy (hipster-modern look) I think it would be very hard to pull off.
He catered to the hip hop generation in the 90s. He made a sh*t load of money hawking gaudy and ostentatious clothing to this segment. However, that demographic can be very fickle and trendy. So what's in style in year is considered lame the next. Others not affiliated with the hip hop culture shied away from his brand during the height of his success. Now he had no base so he tried reinventing himself by going more preppy or mainstream. I don't know if it's...
I wouldn't pay $80 for a RL polo shirt. I'm a pretty slim guy and most of them fit like tents on me. I may justify a Lacoste because of the cut. However, I'd rather get a polo shirt without a label from BR, Jcrew, etc for about $30 with a much more modern look and better fit.
Hmm, it's very unusual that Nordstrom would refuse to fix a defective product. I've had a one merino Banana Republic sweater come apart at the inseam (around the collar). Mind you this was after +2yrs of owning. They took it back and repaired, no questions asked and free of charge. Same thing for a down coat. A part of the inseam was coming apart on the sleeve and they took it back no questions asked and repaired free of charge. So it's surprising that Nordstrom...
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