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Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford Crap - I can't win in this thread. I thought you guys would be happy I'm not wearing flip-flops today Hey at least you use firefox.
I hate flip-flops. Women can pull it off a little better than men especially with sun dresses in the summer time. Guys should never wear them, period. Sure wearing it on the beach (South beach, Ocean city, boardwalks, etc) one gets a pass. Outside of that it's just too inexcusably informal. I guess Americans are a lot more casual than the foreign set. I immigrated to the US as a young lad. When we as a family were going out, the boys weren't allowed to wear shorts,...
Something like this would work in an area that's not terribly fashion conscious, small to medium sized Midwestern towns or most southern cities. If you're in the NE or Cali, it's a no go. ---------------- Listening to: The Fray - She Is via FoxyTunes
Sears is about as upscale as JCPenny's or Dillards. ---------------- Listening to: The Shins - Girl Sailor via FoxyTunes
Scammed? You only payed $90 for it. Watches at that price are not known for incredible quality. It would be on par with a Kenneth Cole or Diesel watch. If you payed several hundreds to thousands then your concern becomes more relevant. ---------------- Listening to: Gram Rabbit - Disco #2 via FoxyTunes
I don't have one thing in my wardrobe with a visible label. I really like the Lacoste polo shirts fit but I can't bring myself to wear that Alligator. ---------------- Listening to: Donna De Lory - Govinda Java Java (Mac Quayle Mix) via FoxyTunes
That thing is too big for him around the torso. ---------------- Listening to: Monuque Habersham - Transparent Sound via FoxyTunes
Sorry but those things are hideous. Granted I'm not a particular fan of Boat shoes. ---------------- Now playing: The Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give via FoxyTunes
Those things are grotesque. Only a prima donna would wear such a thing or a "flamboyant" male who struts and has a crook in his wrist. ---------------- Now playing: Lamb - Zero via FoxyTunes
You guys in NYC or any other cosmopolitan cities are lucky. I'm in San Antonio. People here can care less about futbol (soccer). No one at work is interested in going to watch the game. I've been to a couple of bars with a smattering of people. ---------------- Now playing: Thievery Corporation - Until The Morning via FoxyTunes
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