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I don't know your size but most if not all the shirts I get I get fitted by a tailor or a decent alterationist. ---------------- Listening to: Jill Scott - A Long Walk via FoxyTunes
That cannot be worn to an everyday function. Maybe somewhere like the MTV movie awards people can get away with things like this. ---------------- Listening to: The Smiths - You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby via FoxyTunes
J-Crew or Banana Republic make decent non-logo polo shirts in the $50 price range. I don't ever see my self paying over $100 for a polo shirt so I cannot offer any advise on the more pricier brands. ---------------- Listening to: Allain Bougrain Dubourg & Arno Elías - Guide Me via FoxyTunes
You'll be surprised how many people don't notice it. Secondly, the watch will not raise any eyebrows at work. Most of those guys know what really expensive watches are. If you were rocking a Cartier, Panerai or Patek Phillip then your concerns are valid. The Omega Seamaster, while a nice watch is entry level and subdued. If you have the money get it. $900 is not going to break the bank if you have a steady income. Just make sure it's not a...
No don't get it. Get a decent solid colored shirt. Get it tailored if it bellows on the the sides. You will have more mileage that way than a busy looking shirt. The caveat is that Jersey Girlz type chicks may be into any shirt with a Versace label. ---------------- Listening to: Tosca - Mango Di Bango via FoxyTunes
5'9'' ---------------- Listening to: The Police - Message In A Bottle (Live) via FoxyTunes
Abercrombie Hollister American Eagle Aeropostale Tommy Bahama Saks Lucky Brand Nautica Sean John Calvin Klein Ugg Crocs Tommy Hilfiger ---------------- Listening to: Moby - God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters via FoxyTunes
I have two pairs of driving loafers from Clarke. However, I don't wear them in the fall or winter. I stick with boots or lace-ups. There is no crime wearing loafers in the winter. For one, I think they look better without socks or the socks that aren't visible with the loafer on. The driving loafers are just a very spring or summery look, IMHO. ---------------- Listening to: John B - Secrets via FoxyTunes
Nice watch. It should go with a suit. ---------------- Listening to: Talking Heads - Houses In Motion via FoxyTunes
Gap, express, Banana republic or J-crew have relatively cheap polos that are decent fits. Plus you can always cheaply get an alterationist to take in the sides for a more lean fit.
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