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For the average male schlub a Woman would make better decisions in terms of picking cloths. However, for one who considers themselves a sartorialist relying on a woman to pick one's clothes means looking like this: Albeit it's better than looking like this:
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Honestly? Resale value. Really? Do you think you would sell for a difference without a label or tag? Why would someone pay "cashmere" price for a used scarf at the sellers word? If it looks good and feels good, buy it. My $0.02
Shorten the sleeves. Taking it a bit on the sides wouldn't hurt either.
I would agree with the clerk. Most people pretentious enough to buy a $27K suitcase most likely fly on private jets, whether it's owned or rented. Tumi, LV, Briggs & Riley or other similar pieces are what most affluent people actually own.
I think buying off of ebay from someone in Lebanon invites the real potential risk for counterfeit merchandise. I personally wouldn't do it. Some women pay $200 for high quality counterfeit LV hand bags that ordinarily retail for $2000 on the "black market." They probably have more than a hunch that it's not the real thing. But most people on the street wouldn't be able to tell the difference. So it all depends on how badly you want these ties and are ready for...
Hilarious. This is probably what most people end up looking like who buy leather blazers. My brother is a foreign service officer who was stationed in Ethiopia for a couple of years. He is quite a stylish guy who could pull off the look. We are both the same build and thin. He got a MTM leather blazer for me. It fits well. However, I just haven't found an occasion to wear it. Unfortunately if I ever wear it, it would have to be for a gag factor, Halloween or some...
All of my shirts (30+) are hung on wooden hangers. My sweaters (wool or cashmere) are folded.
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus no fegs, im not asking if your wife/gf is your best friend. how do you balance that friendship when you're in a relationship? for those who say it isnt a problem, your SO is a saint. i believe it goes without saying that this thread is (no homo). No. All my closest friends are guys. I have female friends but I do no regularly keep up. ---------------- Listening to: Goldfrapp - Paperbag via...
I would never pay $1400 for a used boot. ---------------- Listening to: Feist - How My Heart Behaves via FoxyTunes
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