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Quote: Originally Posted by GucciKid I was in Brooks Brothers today (albeit the Toronto location) and the SAs told me that it was a bad idea to have their non-iron shirts altered because the fabric that they use creates problems when altered. Has anyone had a non-iron shirt altered? Results? Giant facepalm for Toronto when 85% of their shirts are non-iron and you can't alter them. I guess most men are content to walk around with tents on their...
Quote: Originally Posted by thoogsby make the extra slim cut in non-iron. Their slim non-iron is still too boxy. I bought four non-iron slim shirts this year and had to take all to the tailor to take in the sides and sleeves.
She sounds more like an alterationist than a tailor.
I have a pair. I usually wear it when I fly, which is frequently. The pockets come in handy stashing things while i am waiting in the airport. Otherwise, they are worn as more of a utility on the weekends when I am washing my car or running errands. They are good utility pants. Not so much for fashion.
No I wouldn't buy. I might wear them if they were handed down to me for free but definitely would never pay for them.
I live in DC. I never wear them out. The only time I whip them out is at the beach or the pool. Some schmucks in DC wear them in fall and early spring, when the temperature is in the 50s.
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek It's about goddamn time LV offered up a decent shoe. There is nothing decent about it. I wouldn't wear it if it were given to me for free.
I try to dress comfortably but not as a slouch. I wear layers because the temperature varies from the taxing to cruising altitude. I like wearing cargo pants (fitted) so I can store stuff. ---------------- Listening to: Everything But The Girl - Single via FoxyTunes
He is the typical golf suburban dude. They are some of the worst dressers. They wear over-sized polo shirts in summer, have a penchant for deeply pleated pants, love squared-toed shoes, clip their BB world edition phone to their belts, and wear a blue-tooth ear piece with Oakley wrap around shades at all times.
It sounds like you are an introvert. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Some have already stated, get yourself in situations that are comfortable for you. I am similar to you. I don't bother going to these mass gatherings. It's either filled with extroverts who need and thrive off that kind of crowd's energy. Go to a more intimate setting. A get together of friends. A concert with a group of people. Etc, etc. You are still young. You'll find your niche. By...
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