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Late 30s an up. I am in my early 30s and would never consider wearing them.
BB shoes are atrociously expensive and not that good looking. Just a thought.
I am a physician. I can say unequivocally that most doctors, especially older ones and those in academics could careless about being stylish. Most wear the standard pleated slacks, bellowing oxford button up shirts and standard casual black or brown shoes. Some younger physicians care about fit and style but it's few.
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond There's a time and place for everything. The club is not the place for a 3-piece business suit, especially if you have no business to discuss and double especially if it's in L.A. and triple especially if you don't have a job. Got it? I don't watch the show. I really don't know who this guy is. There are bigger douchebags in LA clubs. I hate the guys with the muscle graphic tees, riped stone-washed...
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Hi, my name is acecow, I am 27 years old and I tuck my shirts in when wearing jeans. I have a slim waist and I think it looks better on me. All my shirts are fitted, so they don't bulge out at the sides a lot. I find tucking in more elegant than leaving the shirt untucked. And no, I don't tuck in t-shirts. I do tuck in a polo shirt occasionally, but mostly not. I am with you. First I think it is an...
The US team looks like a high school team or college at best with their baggy pleated khakis and track jackets. The other teams look like young hip professionals or just adults (North Koreans). It just goes to show that dressing in the US is more about utility compared to Europe or Asia.
While surfing the website I saw an even better killer deal on a D.Squared 100% cotton shirt for $148 down from $185. It's unbelievable. You have to check it out!
The Cap toes from CH look pretty good. I agree that $295 may be a bit steep. I'd easily pay <$200 for them for a nice summer pick up. ---------------- Listening to: Koop - Summer Sun via FoxyTunes
Nice job. ---------------- Listening to: Saru - Duality via FoxyTunes
The place is a zoo. Cloths are heaped on top of each other. I cannot shop in conditions like that. It feels almost like a frenzy looking for that one gem. It's just not worth the hassle. I'll pass.
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