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For the average American male in somewhere like Nebraska, JoA Banks is a good and viable option. Anyone who lives in a decent city, with retail options, no.
Give the shirt away to Goodwill. The amount of work needed would be massive. Not to mention also expensive if taken to a competent tailor and not an alterationist (ie drycleaner). At 5'8'' 188lbs, a size L will never look good on you in most circumstances unless you like the tent look prevalent now a days. I am 5'10'' and 160 lbs and have to get Brooks Brothers "slim" cut shirts (size 15 1/2 & 34) tailored because they fit like tents on me at the sides and in the...
J-Crew is decent. I got a pair of slim fitting cords. I love the fit. At $75 I don't think po' folks or even college students would pay for that price point. However, it's not >$150, so one can buy on a whim. It seems to be of pretty good quality. I'd never get a suit from them though.
The color is okay. I don't know about the design though. It may be too feminine for me.
A polo shirt, jeans, and loafers is what I'd wear for lunch and then then the movies. I think Khakis or cords are a little to formal.
I agree with the above. I don't really wear sneakers. If one it is only typically in the summer during casual functions, picnic or barbecues. I like Pumas. I have a pair of Nike that I use for jogging.
Women like guys to have presentable shoes. However the nuances of style is irrelevant to them. I know plenty of women, stylish women, who think that squared toe Kenneth Coles are nice. All the obscure styles and makes that are idolized on this forum, the vast majority of women could care less about.
Quote: Originally Posted by J. Cogburn Let me suggest you bag this entire slim-fit business. You are not slim. Put on a tightly fitted shirt and chances are you're going to look stupid. In fact, this whole slim-fit thing is getting out-of-hand. You want a shirt without a lot of excess cloth. But there's no reason to put on a shirt that looks spray-painted on you. Unless you're a cartoon character, you're going to look bottom-heavy unless you're...
I've gotten 7 BB slim fit shirt over the course of spring and early summer. I got them on sale, 3 for $120. I am 5'10 160lbs. I wear 15.5 and 33L. I have had every single of those shirts taken in at the arm and sides. They aren't like the tents with the traditional fit. They look reasonable off the rack but tailoring them differentiates me from the drone office worker.
They are most certainly fake. People will go to great lengths to get designers wears on the cheap. Many times they don't realize that it's fake. $240 for jeans on a website, sight unseen is pretty out there. $240 will get some decent jeans at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, or Saks.
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