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Stick with the metal links. The watch is too bulky for gator bands.
I was in your shoes 7yrs ago. I graduate from residency in May. I personally think PA are a bit dowdy. If your intention is to buy some decent shoes that will last, one simple rule is get one with laces for starters. Loafers, Monks, etc.. are indulgences after you've collected some standard black and/or brown lace ups. Now the styles from there are a matter of personal taste. Take a look at these below.
As mentioned above, stay away from square toes. If you live in a city (NYC, LA, Chi, DC) you can find lots of shoe stores that sell decent quality shoes/boots. If you live in a more fashion mundane area and are a novice, I'd suggest perusing Banana Republic online shoe sections, they have some decent looking shoes for a decent price. You'll never go wrong with wingtip oxfords or chelsea boots as starters. Just stay away from squared toes.
I have a lot of shirts from BR or J.Crew. Most of them had to be taken in at the sides and sleeves. They are making "slim fit" shirts now. I live in Austin TX, it costs me $14-16 a shirt at my local tailor. If it's worth anything must of my clothes have been tailored (I have a thin build) because I hate the bellowing look.
I agree stick with lace ups.
I leave it on. However, I may take it off if it gets to hot.
When the fella was advocating boot cut he lost me. I used to rock that look maybe in high school.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Borrelli unlined tweed (75% wool, 25% Angora) hunting jacket from Shop the Finest. Great jacket, good fit. I like the overall outfit.
Great site. I'm new to the forum. Some great dressers on this site. I hope to post some pics pretty soon.
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