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Take a better pic.
The US hipsters and well dressed wall-streeters are just as or better dressed than their European counterparts. However, I think on average Europeans are a little more stylish, because they wear cloths that fits. Americans, regardless of race, tend to wear one to several sizes up.
Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 A logical follow up question is: Does this affect your willingness to purchase said brands knowing that others might assume you to be homosexual for wearing them? In the days of my callow sartorial youth I came home one day with a newly purchased Abercrombie and Fitch polo (I liked the slim fit). My wife, with raised eyebrow, told me that it was a "gay brand". WTF? I wore it anyway and no guys ever hit on me....
Quote: Originally Posted by Cornellian Prada. Kenneth Cole. Banana Republic. KC & BR? I don't know if this is sarcasm but KC and BR are near mass market. One step above Gap.
Flat fronts are more flattering on a slimmer guy. If you're on the thinner side, stick with FF. If you're on the bigger sides, a couple of pleated pants in your wardrobe isn't too bad. Guys with, big cabooses, need pleats. A buddy of mind who use to play football has big thighs and buts and can never find FF that fit him well so he wear pleats and still looks pretty stylish.
I got tired of flimsy iron hangers (free from dry cleaners) and plastic hangers that invariably broke. Starting about two years ago I started the process of transitioning to wooden hangers only. I'm not much of a T-shirt guy and the 20-30 shirts I have are on wooden hangers. I don't hang my jeans or pants. Slacks/Suit pants are on the hangers with the bar. Today everything in my closet is on wooden hangers except for the few T-shirts I have (they are on plastic). Bed...
I would say in for the most part. However some shirts I have are the more casual type w/o stays so the look better out. The caveat is to not have it flaying outward.
I think if you shorten the arm it would be wearable with jeans and a button up shirt. The other stuff is just a matter of perspective. If you got it cheap online then it's a decent buy.
With muscular people the BMI is adjusted to the neck circumference ratio and measured body fat composition. They do it in the military. I am a military physician so the Army is well aware of muscular young active duty soldiers not being in the "normal" BMI range. Like someone said before, for the average person who is not a muscle bound, the BMI is a pretty good indicator but definitely by no means an end all be all. New study just recently published states that being...
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