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It fits well. However, I don't think it would be as versatile as a non leather blazer because it could become dated.
If your in an area without H&M/Zara you could always try BR or JCrew. Full price at these stores maybe above your budget but sales are always in abundance. Or like others suggest, shop online.
We'll he is not anointed the golden boy without reason.
I've never bothered shopping for clothing items or accessories on ebay. It just seems like too much of a hassle. If one is trying to get deals, many department stores have great sales, up to 40-50% off if one is willing to wait. Plus, you can try on the item and if there's a problem, it's really easy to rectify. Just my $0.02
Pants look 2-3x your size. I like the coat and hat. If you want to wear black shoes with that color (brown) pants get a black sweater. Preferably a slim black sweater to go with slim brown pants. The hat maybe looked at as a little pretentious but it can be pulled off. A fedora instead maybe more palatable given your age. The key to remember, if your a thin guy (which you look like) slim fitting clothes are du jour. You need to rock it while your young and trim. ...
Is it a solid black shirt? Please post a pic of the boots and shirt. I am curious.
Get a peacoat.
My usual response is "I'm just browsing thanks." Unless they're getting sizes (shoes or clothes) for me not available on display or fitting me, I really don't need SA.
If your nickname is superfly and you have a matching purple or neon green zoot suit to accompany it, otherwise dump it.
Do you have a man crush on that nip/tuck actor?
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