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I'd be very suspect of the authenticity of most items sold by street vendors in China, India, or even here in the US. There are some high quality fakes being produced in China. I also agree with those above that at the flagship stores in Beijing or any other big cities there, the likelihood of a fake is slim.
It's okay and looks like the average t-shirt one would see someone wearing in middle America. Personally I don't like it. It looks too baggy. The design in the front is too busy. It's not something that would be mistaken as stylish.
7 for all Mankind jeans are my favorite. I have three in heavy rotations.
I have never seen anything good at any Marshall I have ever been to. For those who mentioned seeing, D&G, it is just crap to me. Most of the other dress shirts there fit like tents. I'd rather stalk Brooks Brothers for sales on their shirts 3 for $159 or just do the three for $199 for the slim or extra slim rather than contending with the hoards at Marshall rummaging through the heaps of junk.
It's age specific but I hate the untucked look. I did however use to wear my shirts untucked when I was in my early to mid 20s. I had to get most shirts altered so I didn't look like a doofus. To me somewhere midway between my zipper of fly on my pants.
BB has the best bang for the buck shirt that's quality. I agree that the ESF BB shirt fits great OTR. All of the regular slim fit BB shirt I've had to get taken in on the sides and arms. I am just waiting for them to expand the selection of the ESF.
Quote: Originally Posted by sportin_life Not sure if anyone else noticed or posted this, but I just got an email about this offer. Their dress shirts (including extra slim fit!) are 2 for $99 right now. Great deal, considering I love these shirts. Also, when did they release the non-iron extra slim fit ones??? I was surprised when I saw some on their website. Thanks for the heads up. The extra-slim shirts fit me really well. I had to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Maximus Rex Honestly, with the rubber sole and odd blue spray-paint effect, they scream "outlet mall bargain bin" or Filene's basement at best. You could probably get away with using them at a club if you're in your 20s, but that's about it, unfortunately. I agree with this statement. I find them clunky. However, they could be of some utility as a go to club shoe for one in their twenties. No one pays attention...
Quote: Originally Posted by suited If by athletic you mean skinny, then yes. If you have broad shoulders/chest these shirts may not fit you properly. Right now I am by no means huge, 5'11 175 but my chest measures about 43-44". When putting on a shirt that was 1/2 size too big for my neck, I could barely even button the shirt across my chest without pulling the button off. The waist fit fine, as I am about a 32" waist - and the arms were nice as well....
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