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I am a physician in my early 30s. I think that BB represents a good value for shirts (extra-slim), ties (slim) and polos (slim) compared to the competitors. I have not seen anything that matches their quality in those items in any stand alone store or upscale department stores outside of NYC or maybe LA. I haven't bought any suits there.
Anything D&G is a NO!
I have no clue if it's real. My guess is probably not. My only concern is why anyone would buy something so atrocious looking.
1. D&G 2. Armani Exchange 3. Gucci 4. Ed Hardy 5. Abercrombie & Fitch I hate all those brands and the people who wear them are douches.
Those were the first pair of shoes I fell smitten over. I had to buy them. Two years later I am still in love.
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti Dickies slim straight: Terrible fit and a bit baggy. Brooks Brothers has some decent slim fit chinos (Milanos).
One man's trash is another man's treasure. Personally, I'd never buy used shoes in that type of condition. I have enough old shoes I can use as beaters. If one is on a budget wait for sales.
It's hard to tell. The quality of the pic is not the greatest. I'd say the sleeve may be a tad too long. It also looks like it may need to be taken in at the sides.
Either wash or have the dry cleaner LAUNDER and not DRY CLEAN your shirts. If you wash it at home, remove it promptly from the washing machine and air dry it. Iron without any starch.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cooper' 40 is a tough age for clothes. Most stores cater to younger or older styles. I can pick some fromm the gap, j crew, etc but most of it is to trendy. On the other end I can shop at brooks brothers and macy's type stores but beyond a few classic styles they are much too conserative. Any thoughts on a nice middle ground out there to shop at? Any websites, blogs? Thanks First, 170 lbs at 6 feet is a BMI...
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